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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - English On The Move - Auf der Messe

Schlagwörter: English, Lernen, Englischlernen, Business English, Englischtrainer

The hotel shuttle bus

Mona: Excuse me. Could you tell me the best way to get to the Trade Fair Centre, please? Should I order a taxi?

Hotel receptionist: You could take a taxi, but it’s not really that far from here.

Mona: Could I walk?

Hotel receptionist: I wouldn’t recommend it. It would take about 40 minutes and it’s along a main road. Why not take our shuttle bus? It operates every 30 minutes and takes you to the reception area at the Trade Fair Centre.

Mona: That sounds good. When is the next one?

Hotel receptionist: You’ve just missed the 9.30 bus. Shall I put you on the list for the 10 o’clock shuttle?

Mona: Yes, please. How much does it cost, by the way?

Hotel receptionist: It’s a free service during the larger trade fairs.

Mona: That’s great. I’ll just go and have a cup of coffee while I’m waiting.


Mona: Good morning. I’d like to register for the fair please.

Assistant: Morning. Have you pre-booked?

Mona: Yes, I have.

Assistant: May I have your name, please?

Mona: It’s Mona Fromm.

Assistant: Sorry, but could you spell your last name for me, please?

Mona: That’s Fromm - F – R – O – M – M.

Assistant: I’ll just bring it up on my screen. Here we are. I see it’s been paid for by your company. I’ll just print your name tag.

Mona: Thanks.

Assistant: Here’s your tag and its plastic pocket. And here’s a guide to the fair with a site map. It shows where all the stands are and the various facilities such as restaurants, snack bars, and loos.

Mona: Thank you very much.

Assistant: Have a nice day. Bye.

Visiting a stand

Salesman: Good morning. Seen anything interesting?

Mona: My company works with mobile phones and I was reading the brochure about the address book software you have.

Salesman: Oh yes, our automatic address book update system.

Mona: That’s right. Have you installed this anywhere?

Salesman: We have two pilot projects in operation at the moment. I can give you the references if you like.

Mona: Yes, please.

Salesman: If you give me your business card, I’ll get in touch with you after the fair.

Mona: Here you are. As you can see I’m a purchaser in our IT department.

Salesman: Right, Ms Fromm. Here’s my card. I’m George Cooper from our sales department.

Mona: I’ll take this brochure and expect an email from you with the references.

Salesman: I’ll be in touch next week.

At the information desk

Mona: Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me, please?

Information assistant: Certainly, madam.

Mona: I’m looking for a company stand. I was informed that they would be here but I can’t seem to find them on the show map.

Information assistant: What is the name of the company you’re looking for?

Mona: Diastar — they’re a French company.

Information assistant: Hmm, I can’t see them here either. Let me check on the list of late applications. Ah yes — here they are. Diastar are on stand E27, but that’s not here in the main building. They are in the annexe.

Mona: The annexe?

Information assistant: You can see it on the top left corner of your map.

Mona: Right. I see.

Information assistant: To get to the annexe, you need to go out at Exit 4 and follow the signs. It’s not far — about 100 metres. You pass the sandwich bar on your right and it’s just after that.

Mona: Good. Thanks. In fact I think I’ll have a sandwich before going on to see them.

Schlagwörter: English, Lernen, Englischlernen, Business English, Englischtrainer

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