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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Alles klar am Mietwagenschalter

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Englisch Mietwagen, Englisch Auto mieren

You've made your reservation online, arrived at the rental car counter and you're next. You step up to the agent, state your name, plunk down your driver's license and wait while the agent processes the paperwork. So far, so good.

Then comes the difficult question: Would you like CDW with that?

Even worse, you're told: "Sign here and here". You start reading. All the way down at the bottom in fine print you read "tick here to secure rental car excess insurance". Ah yes, to tick or not to tick, that is the question.

Let's back up and start at the top.

Getting started

When you approach the counter, there's no secret formula for what you must say. Just say hello, state your name, provide your reservation code and lay your driver's license and credit card on the counter.

Hello. Andrea Matin. Here's my reservation code.

The dialogue

Usually the first thing the rental agent will do is confirm the car you have reserved:

You've reserved an economy class car with unlimited mileage for three days, with a drop-off on the 23rd here at the airport. Is that correct?

You might have a problem with this:

Yes, that's correct, but I'd like to keep the car for an extra day. Would that be possible?

No, I believe I reserved the car only through the 22nd.

You might also have other questions:

Are others allowed to drive the car, or am I the only authorised driver?

Do you also rent children's safety seats, or do you know where I can rent one?

Is smoking permitted?

When I return the car, are the charges applied to this card or can I use anothe card/ another form of payment?

Should I return the tank full or empty?

You might hear:

You might also find our prepaid tank option convenient. You prepay a full tank at a discount rate and return the car empty. Does that sound interesting?

Types of car hire cover

Now we come back to the difficult questions: Do you want CDW? Do you want excess insurance?

In many countries, the cost of insurance is embedded in the rental price. If there are damages - whatever their extent - you have nothing to worry about. A per-day full coverage policy is included in your daily or weekly rental rate. This isn't always the case. In some countries - including in the UK - the insurance offered in the rental rate is usually very basic, covering only small damages and leaving you to pay a huge amount of money should something more than a little fender bender occur.

In the UK and also in North America, no kind of full insurance is ever included. In these regions, you need to handle the insurance question yourself.

CDW Insurance

Collision Damage Waiver insurance is the equivalent of the German Vollkasko. It covers all damage to the car that can occur while it is in your possession - whether the damage results from your error or another driver's.

Third-party personal liability insurance

This insurance covers damage to people and property (including other cars) that may occur while you were at the wheel. Avoid underestimating the importance of this type of insurance. Damage to a brake light can cost over £1000. If you're involved in an accident where someone is injured and you are assigned the blame, you could be responsible for very large costs associated with the injuries - especially in the US, where damages awarded for such injuries can be unfathomablv large.

Excess insurance

Many CDW policies kick into gear only after damages have exceeded a certain amount, usually between £500 or £1500. You're responsible for paying this. Excess insurance is a low-cost offering that pays this sum for you as well.


It is not sensible to hire a car these days without some form of CDW and liability cover. If your own car insurance policy does not cover you while driving hire cars, check your credit cards. Gold cards sometimes provide some sort of car hire cover that can help. If you truly have no car hire cover at all, you need to either accept the rental car company's offer or find other insurance yourself in advance.

If you frequently rent a car, it is often more cost-effective to find an online provider of annual car hire insurance. This type of policy includes any or all of the insurance types mentioned above at any desired level. You can use such policies to cover everything or top up existing policies and coverage you have from your credit cards, for example. Annual car hire insurance is often much less expensive than the rental car company's daily cover, so it's worth looking into. Simply present evidence of your cover when you check in:

I have full cover on this car through an annual car hire policy. Here's my insurance card.

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Englisch Mietwagen, Englisch Auto mieren

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