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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Auch bei Reservierungen lässt sich handeln

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Reservierung

Making reservations is a standard business activity, and if you\'re willing to pay the price demanded, the words are easy. Getting the best deal, however, can be more complex.


Getting started

Opening the conversation requires specification of your destination and travel dates.

I\'d like to book a round-trip flight to London for one person on the 29th of October, returning on the 2nd of November.

At this point you\'ll be asked a number of detailed questions and quoted a price. No matter what your conversation partner tells you, assume the price is the company\'s rack rate - the standard, highest price assuming no discounts or special situations. Often a provider will tell you this rate is already their discount rate. This may be true, but don\'t believe it. Use your entrepreneurial skills to save on business travel costs and show your value to the business.

Being entrepreneurial

Mr Sanders is 63 years old. I\'m assuming he qualifies for your senior citizen discount. Can you tell me how that affects the price?

Since more than four people are travelling, I\'m assuming you\'re able to offer some sort of group discount. Can you tell me how that works?

Mr Sanders participates in your firm\'s frequent traveller/frequent flyer programme. What are the rules for booking him on a free upgrade into first class or business class?

I\'d like to reserve a vegetarian/low-fat/ diabetic/kosher meal for Mr Sanders.

The dates I mentioned are flexible. If we change the departure or arrival dates, can we get a better price?

Would I be able to get a better fare if there were a stop in the itinerary?

Would I be able to get a better fare if I were to fly into a different airport in the area?

Not only do I need to book this flight to Paris, but also a flight to London two days later. How much would an open-jaw ticket from Frankfurt to Paris and from London to Frankfurt cost? Mr Sanders could then travel from Paris to London by train.


I\'m calling to confirm a reservation. The reservation code is KZN6G9.

I\'d like to confirm a reservation, but I don\'t have the reservation code. The name is Jonathan Sanders. He\'s booked on a morning flight to London on the 29th of October.

I\'m booked on an international flight the day after tomorrow and I\'d like to confirm my reservation.

Would it be possible to change my seat assignment?


I\'d like to cancel a reservation. The reservation code is KZN6G9.

I\'d like to cancel a reservation for a flight I\'ve already ticketed. What are your cancellation rules?

Would it be possible instead to change the departure or arrival date?


Most travellers who stay at a hotel think they\'ve got a good deal because they booked their stay online through a Web discounter. This is often not the case. Unless you\'re booking into a low-end chain motel intended for business travellers staying one night, you can assume any price you\'re offered is negotiable.

The best way to get a deal is still to call the hotel directly. Only the front desk staff are aware of their vacancy rate and booking challenges at any given time. You can\'t use changing circumstances to negotia
te with an online agent.

Here\'s a reliable process to follow:

  1. Decide which class of hotel you\'d like to stay in.

  2. Research the price using one or more online travel sites. Don\'t forget to check for North American destinations and for European and North American destinations. Develop an idea of how much your room should cost. Find the least expensive deal, but note: hotels typically set aside their least attractive rooms for guests who book rooms through online discounters.

  3. Check the hotel\'s own online reservation Web site. 50% of the time, you can get a better deal there.

  4. Call the hotel directly and ask for the best rate they can offer you. Be entrepreneurial (see below).

Getting started

I\'d like to book a room with a king-size bed for two nights beginning on the 29th of October.

Do you have a room available with two full-size beds?

Do you have any suites available?

Being entrepreneurial

Not all hotel rooms in the same hotel are the same. Some are on the top floor, some on the ground floor. Some next to the elevator, some reachable only by stairway, some renovated, some un-renovated. Be sure to ask about all of these variables before settling on a price.

Do you have any less-desirable rooms that you could offer at a better price?

Would I be able to get a better rate if my stay were to occur within a slightly different timeframe?

Is that really your best rate? I noticed on your Web site that I could book the same room for £50 less.

While you\'re on the line and once you have decided to book, ask these few magic questions before you finalise:

What is your overall best rate and how can I qualify for it?

Is the rate you \'ve just offered the best one you have available for that date?

Pause for a moment, then try:

Are there any special package deals that would give me a better deal? For example a one-week package that would be less expensive?

Before booking, be sure to check the cancellation policy:

What is your cancellation policy?


I\'d like to confirm a reservation for the night of October 29th. The name is Sanders.


I\'d like to cancel a reservation under the name Sanders for October 29th.

Are there any fees associated with this cancellation?

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Reservierung

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