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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Einreise in die USA

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Einreise in die USA

You’re going to the USA for that special holiday, or maybe you’re attending a conference, meeting business contacts or having medical treatment. Whatever the reason, you have to buy your tickets and travel insurance as usual. But travel to the US isn’t as easy as it once was.

Do I need a visa?
Some countries are part of a scheme known as the US Visa Waiver Program ( VWP ). This enables nationals of these countries to travel to the US as tourists, on business, or as transiting travellers for up to 90 days without a formal visa. There are currently 36 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program. They include all European and Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand.

If you aren’t eligible for the VWP because your stay will last longer than 90 days, you will need a visa, which you can acquire at your nearest US embassy.
The first step is making an appointment for an interview. Interviews are carried out by a consular officer. The Immigration and Nationality Act assumes that all applicants for a US visa intend to emigrate. It is therefore up to the applicant to prove otherwise. You have to show that you are travelling for business, pleasure or medical treatment, that you are staying for a limited period, that you have enough money to cover your expenses and that you have a residence and other binding social and economic ties outside the US that will ensure your return.
During the application process, a digital fingerprint scan is taken, usually during the interview stage.
The current visa application fee in Germany is $140. A visa may take up to 60 days to process.

Travellers eligible under the VWP must apply before travel using the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, or ESTA. This is an automated online system that is fast but is subject to a charge of $14, payable online by credit card. An ESTA must be obtained at least 72 hours before departure. It does not guarantee entry into the USA. The final decision rests with Customs and Border Protection ( CBP ) at the point
of entry. Under the VWP rules, you are not allowed to travel without an ESTA. You will therefore be asked to show proof of having a valid ESTA at your departure airport.
To apply for an ESTA you need to submit your standard personal information ( name, address etc. ) and answer a series of yes/no questions, including whether you have a communicable disease, a physical or mental disorder, if you are a drug user, have a criminal record, are a spy or terrorist, a work seeker or deportee. The process takes only a few minutes.

On the border
You will be given a form to fill in on the airplane known as an I-94 ( I-94W as part of the VWP ). This must be given to the CBP officer along with your other travel documents at your point of entry. The officer will inspect your documents and ask you questions about the purpose of your visit and how long you intend to stay. He or she will then scan your fingerprints and take a digital photograph.
Standard immigration Q&A
At the point of entry, the following conversation is likely to take place between you and the customs officer:

Welcome to the USA.

May I see your passport please?
Certainly, here you are.

What is the purpose of your visit?
I’m here on holiday / business.

How long are you planning to stay in the US?
I’ll be here for three weeks.

Where will you be staying during your visit?
With friends in New York City for the first week, and then in a hotel in Boston.

Have you ever been to the US before?
No, this is my first time.

I need to take a digital photo. Please stand on the yellow spot on the floor.

Customs Q&A

Do you have anything to declare?
Yes. My husband and I have brought two bottles of wine each.

Thank you, enjoy your stay.

It is the CBP’s job to keep harmful animal and plant pests and diseases from entering the US, so there are strict restrictions on fresh food. Make sure you declare any packaged food you have in your baggage, as failure to do so may result in fines of up to $10,000.

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Einreise in die USA

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