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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Feiertage in den USA

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Consider for a moment that the US is composed of 50 states having their own unique histories, has a population originating from almost every corner of the globe and has no official state religion. You might think – in an effort to be politically correct – that the US would simply recognise any official world or cultural holiday a citizen would wish to observe. But this would be a recipe for business chaos.

To avoid this, the US has fixed a small number of federal holidays that are observed by all government employees and government-funded organisations (such as public schools). Of course, the US Government is just another company with its own holiday rules. Each business is free to specify the holidays it recognises for employees.

To keep things from becoming totally chaotic, most businesses follow a standardised holiday process based on a combination of federal and state holidays. The process is designed to stick to common holidays while giving employees a choice. This means that you can expect that your contact in the US may not be working on a specific holiday, but you can’t be sure. Therefore, when planning projects with US business people, be sure to ask when each person will be taking days off during the project period, including federal and state holidays!

The holiday process
Businesses in the US are allowed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An employee is allowed to work any and every day defined in his or her job description. This could include federal holidays, weekends and yes, even Christmas! There is no day in the US where all businesses are closed. Anyone you would speak with internationally, however, will probably not as a general rule work weekends or federal holidays – at least not in the office!

Employees are usually given the main six federal holidays as days off (these six are often referred to as national holidays), and usually receive an additional four free days (often called floating holidays) that can be used on other recognised holidays or on the business day before or after one of them. The employee is free to choose.

In addition to these 10 days off, Americans receive anywhere from 1–4 weeks of vacation per year. Office staff may be given only 1–2 weeks based on seniority. Junior staff will typically receive 2–3 weeks and senior staff 4. Employees in their 50s or 60s who work for large firms may even receive 5–6 weeks of holiday per year based on grandfathered employment benefits that haven’t been extended to new employees in decades.

Important 2007 holidays and events in the US

Note: In addition to these holidays, a large number of states have their own state holidays. There are simply too many to list here. To be safe, always ask your conversation partner if there are any upcoming holidays he or she will observe!


1 New Year’s Day (national holiday)

15 Martin Luther King Day (national holiday) Honouring America’s most well-known black civil
rights leader.


19 Washington’s Birthday (also known as President’s Day) (national holiday)


6 Good Friday (holiday observed by the financial markets and most states)

9 Easter Monday (national holiday)


30 Memorial Day (national holiday) Honouring Americans who died in wars, also the unofficial
beginning of summer


4 Independence Day (also known as the Fourth of July) (national holiday) Celebrates the
Declaration of Independence.


3 Labor (spelling AE) Day (national holiday) Celebrates the achievements of workers throughout America, also the unofficial end of summer.


8 Columbus Day (national holiday)Honouring Christopher Columbus, the traditional discoverer
of America


11 Veteran’s Day (national holiday)
Honouring all veterans of the US armed forces, many observe a moment of silence at 11 AM (commemorating the cease fire of the 1918 peace agreement scheduled for “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”.

22 Thanksgiving Day (national holiday)
Celebrates the giving of thanks to God for the autumn harvest. This is a large family holiday associated with the eating of a turkey dinner, and it’s also the largest travel day of the year.


25 Christmas Day (national holiday)

How holidays are used
Because the number of days off is so minimal, most Americans will piggyback their floating holidays and even vacation days onto national holidays to create a number of 5–6 day mini-vacations throughout the year.

Because of this, and because there is no “everyone does it” summer holiday tradition similar to the one in Europe, it’s not possible to anticipate vacation times. If you need to plan a project, always ask!

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