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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Fliegen ohne Turbulenzen

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Fliegen Englisch, Flight Englisch, im Flugzeug Englisch

The flight from Frankfurt to New York has been surprisingly pleasant and smooth. From your seat at the back of coach class, you notice that the flight attendants have started working their way toward you with the food carts. At last you hear the magic words: “Good afternoon, sir, would you like a meal?”

“Sure, what are my choices?” you ask. A smiling voice bluntly informs you: “Your choices are ‘yes’ and ‘no’.”

Anyone who has flown regularly on business knows that making the reservation is often the most pleasant part of one’s airline experience. From the moment you see kerb-side (AE curbside) check-in to the moment you finally have your bags in your hands again, the travel process can be fraught with enough stress to make ice boil in two seconds.

One challenge is the airport and the in-flight announcements you’ll hear, usually blasted through crackling loudspeakers in a quickly spoken version of English filled with technical- sounding terminology like “deplane”. Another challenge is how to persuasively express your needs when other people are waiting for results as well. There’s nothing like the pressure of delays and long lines to tie the tongue.

The language of flying itself is often the greatest challenge. Decades of marketing surveys aimed at encouraging air travel and creating “satisfied” customers have led the airlines to create a long list of difficult vocabulary. Many terms are borrowed from ships, which seem safer than aeroplanes, probably because they don’t have the tendency to fall from the sky. Other terms sound technical, and are intended to produce the feeling that everything is completely under control.

This month, our Focus story takes a look at the vocabulary you should be familiar with when flying. Then, to help you get through your travel smoothly, we’ve collected the most commonly used phrases onto a quick reference sheet (see the following page) that you can take with you.

Have a good flight!

Phrase Sheet: Flying

Making a reservation

Hello, I’d like to fly from Frankfurt to Manchester on February 27th in the morning and return on February 28t h in the late evening. Can you tell me how much a first / business / coach class ticket would cost?

We have a corporate account with you.

I’d like to proceed with the booking. Do you have an aisle /window seat close to the front / back of the plane for me?

I’m not able to reserve a seat for you at this time; you’ll have to get your seat during check-in.

How long can you hold this reservation for me without payment?

At check-in

Could you tell me where the Fly-High Airlines ticket / check-in counter is?

Good morning, Holger Berendt.

I’m booked on the 8.25 flight to Manchester.

Could I see your ticket and passport, please?

Can you tell me if my flight will be leaving on time? Will I need to worry about my connection?

How much would an upgrade to first / business class cost?

Here is my frequent flyer number. Would I be able to use some of my miles to get an upgrade to first / business class?

Do you have any carry-ons, sir?

Yes, my briefcase and my laptop.

And do you have any bags to check?

Yes, I have one bag to check.

You’ll need to check your large bag at the oversized-luggage desk, sir.

Could you review my itinerary with me?

Where would you like to sit, sir?

I’d like an aisle/window seat near the front / back of the plane, if possible.

And could you make sure I have a seat that reclines? I need to use my laptop during the flight.

Could you answer a few security questions for me?

Ok. Your bag is checked through to Manchester. Here are your ticket and boarding card, and I’ve attached your baggage claim tag here. Your flight will be departing from Gate A23. That’s to your left, through security, and about halfway down the concourse.

Excuse me, but my flight is leaving in 30 minutes. Can you help me get through the line faster?

Getting around

Can you tell me how to find Gate A23?

I don’t have enough time to make it to my gate on foot. Could you call a transport cart for me?

Are there any shops/restaurants on the concourse?

I need to connect to a flight leaving from Terminal A. How do I get there?

Can you tell me where I can find a Cashpoint (BE) / ATM (AE)?

In the shop

Do you sell universal power adapter kits or a travel adapter for the UK/US?

I’m looking for a cable that will let me use the power outlet on the aeroplane. Do you have those here?

At the gate

I missed my connection. Would it be possible to book me on the next flight?

Can you put me on the stand-by list for the next flight?

Passengers who purchased duty-free goods can collect them at the entrance to the jetway.

I’d like to get a bite to eat. When is the latest I should return to the gate area?

Can you tell me where the nearest toilets are?

Do I need to check in again here?

Could you change my seat, please?

On the plane

Please place larger items in the overhead compartment.

Could I have another coffee/Coke/Sprite/glass of wine, please?

Could you bring me another blanket/pillow, please?

Where are the magazines, please?

Would it be possible for me to change seats, please?

Could you take my tray away, please?

My headset doesn’t seem to be working. Could I have another one?

I ordered a vegetarian / lactose-free / diabetic meal.

Could you ask the person in front of me to pull his seat forward a bit?

Can I pay with euros / pounds/dollars?

I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to use the toilet (BE) / lavatory (AE). Could you let me out?

At the destination airport

I don’t have anything to declare.

No, I don’t have any agricultural items.

These are not-for-sale samples.

These are not for import. I’ll be taking them back with me.

I’m here on business and plan to leave in three days. I’ll be staying at the St George near Piccadilly.

Can you tell me where the baggage claim area is?

I just arrived on Fly-High Flight 52 from Heathrow. Which baggage carrousel should I be looking for?

Would it be possible to get a porter to help me with my luggage?

Where do I find the hotel shuttles/taxi stand/rental car counters?

Is there a place where I can store my luggage for a few hours?

Can you tell me how to get to the Underground/public transport from here?

I was expecting someone to meet me by baggage claim, but he didn’t show up. Could you page him for me?

Can you tell me where the lost-luggage counter for Fly-High Airlines is, please?

I just arrived on Fly-High Flight 52, and my luggage appears to be lost.

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Fliegen Englisch, Flight Englisch, im Flugzeug Englisch

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