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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Gekonnt reklamieren

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch; Reklamation Englisch; Englisch Reklamieren

No matter how well planned a business trip to another country may be, it is very likely something will go wrong. Problems at the hotel, with a hire car, in a restaurant and with the airline are the most common irritations. The way you handle the problem can have a lot to do with the solution you are offered.

Fundamentals of successful complaining

Fundamental 1

Keep every receipt, ticket stub or scrap of paper anyone has given you. If you have received personal service or a consultation, be sure you have noted the person's name on the paperwork you are given. You may need to present convincing documentation - even if the incident you're complaining about happened only 30 minutes ago.

Fundamental 2

Is the product defective? Some shops will try to blame you for the damage and refuse to accept the return. Be sure to carefully inspect anything you purchase before you leave the shop.

Fundamental 3

Complain to the people (or their colleagues) who served you. Problem with a hotel room? Reception desk. Problem with food quality? Waiter. Problem with your luggage? Baggage claim. Problem with the service after check-in? Customer service desk. Escalate the problem to management only if you make no progress with your complaint.

Fundamental 4

Stay calm, cool and friendly. Smile. Don't start with the "I'm the customer and you're the vendor" attitude. Instead, approach the matter as if it were an everyday problem and as if the person you are complaining to is a business partner. Starting strong is more likely to hurt your chances of getting what you want than help them.

Fundamental 5

Be ready to offer praise. Before presenting the negative, present the positive - not only about the product or service you received, but about the people involved. You can always find something, even if it's the "friendly environment" or "charming atmosphere". Start with something positive.

The room you gave me is very comfortable, but there's a problem with it.
Since I checked in, my stay has been quite enjoyable, but something has started to become a problem, and I was wondering if you could help me with it.

Everyone on the flight crew was quite friendly and did his best to make me happy, but I'm afraid there was a problem with the ... they weren't able to address.

Fundamental 6

Be clear in your mind why you are dissatisfied. Pick one issue: was it the way you were treated? Do you have trouble with an unfair decision? Was something not handled properly? What exactly is the one, most important thing that went wrong? Your complaint should focus on this one thing.

There is a strong smoke smell in the room that is aggravating my allergies.

There is loud noise coming from outside the window and I need to get a good night's sleep tonight.

The shower in my room does not seem to be working properly.

The car I just rented is a bit too small for me. There isn't enough headroom, and driving it is unpleasant.

I just got off your flight from Frankfurt and I thought you would like to know that there was a problem with the customer service. One of your flight attendants - the name on his badge was Fleming - was quite rude.

I'm afraid I'm not happy with the decision.

I was separated from my family and children when we made the reservation. They're sitting a few rows back.

Fundamental 7

Decide what you would like to happen as the result of your complaint. For example, you don't want the hotel to compensate you for an unacceptable room. You want a new room. Know what you want and think of the negotiation points around achieving this goal. Complaints often turn into negotiations.

Could you move me to another room?

Could you send someone up to repair it?

Do you have another car available?

I realise the plane is full, but do you think you could help me arrange a seat-swap with another passenger?

Fundamental 8

Don't give up when you know you have been wronged, and don't settle for less than you deserve. Be ready to handle pushback.

I'm sorry, but I don't think that's a fair solution.

I'm afraid I can't accept things the way they are.

I'm not happy with that suggestion. What about...?

Fundamental 9

Mistakes can be genuine. If someone takes the time to help you - especially if you get what you want or more, be ready with an appropriate thank you.

Useful phrases

Getting started

I just checked in, but I have a problem. I hope you can help me.

I just bought a gift here and I have a problem. I hope you can help me.

I just booked a reservation with one of your colleagues and I have a problem. I hope you can help me.

Complaining to management

The secret to successfully complaining to management is to keep things strictly non-personal. Stay calm and treat the situation as if it were a business problem that you must solve but that does not affect you personally. If you are very upset, say this, but don't show it. Be friendly and professional at all times, and you'll usually get far.

I'd like to lodge a complaint.

I tried to resolve the problem with your staff but we couldn't find a mutually acceptable solution. Can you help?

I have to admit I'm quite upset about the situation.

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch; Reklamation Englisch; Englisch Reklamieren

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