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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Geschäftsessen mit Engländern

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Geschäftsessen mit Engländern
In last month’s OBET, our Focus article centred on the essentials of dining out with your American business associates in the US. This month we’d like to provide a few pointers for those who will be dining out with their British associates in the UK.

Both culturally and linguistically, the US and the UK are quite similar. The intercultural tips and restaurant phrases useful when dining out in the US are for the most part equally applicable to dining out in the UK. However, there are some very important differences you should be aware of before you sit down for a meal with your British counterparts.

The British business meal
Americans are well-known for getting right down to business, anywhere and anytime. Almost any occasion is an occasion to talk business. This is perhaps the largest difference between your British and American business associates. The British are much less likely to do business outside the office (although they sometimes do). If you’re invited to a business meal, you should assume that the goal is to get to know each other better or to celebrate decisions that have already been made. Let your host lead the conversation in this respect. If he doesn’t introduce a business discussion, you shouldn’t either.

Another difference is in the level of formality. British business culture tends to be a bit less formal than American. Instead of a formal business meal in a restaurant, it’s quite common to socialise in a local pub — similar to the German Kneipe — with one’s colleagues for an hour or so after work. In addition to traditional British specialities, many pubs these days offer a wide array of international dishes to cater to the tastes of a very international population.

In a restaurant

Table Manners
Unless you’ll be dining with the Queen, the British tend to be more tolerant and less judgemental about rule violations than Americans. This doesn’t mean that manners are unimportant. It simply means that most Britons won’t be watching and evaluating the way you eat. The following very simple rules of etiquette are sufficient to avoid making a negative impression:

• Behave in a way that avoids causing embarrassment or annoyance
• Try not to speak with your mouth full
• Try to eat and drink at the same pace as the rest of the group
• Follow the leader, and watch how others are eating

What to say
If you’ll be dining out in a restaurant, refer to the phrases from our last issue. Here are a few phrases which differ from those you’d use in the US:

Where are the toilets, please?
Where is the Gents/Ladies, please?
Could you fetch the manager, please?
Could I have the bill, please?
Separate bills, please.
Is service included?
There seems to be a mistake on the bill.
Keep the change. Do you mind if I smoke?
Could we have a table in the no-smoking area?

In a pub
Beer is the most popular drink during informal business meals, especially those which may take place in a pub. Traditional British beer is usually served at cellar temperature, may seem flat and is usually available in wide variety. Bitter is the most common style, but it can be an acquired taste. Mild corresponds to the German Dunkles. Chilled, lighter lager — the British term for most imported beers — is a close equivalent to the German Helles. Women traditionally order half-pints, although it is becoming accepted practice for them to order pints as well. Rather macho British drinking culture frowns on men drinking halves, so if you don’t want that much, order a pint anyway and drink slowly!

Pub etiquette
In pubs without service, beer (and food) is purchased directly at the bar and taken to the table. Typically, your host will buy the first round and say “cheers!” before the drinking begins. If there is a second or third round, you should consider buying it. You might want to say “This round is on me. What would you like?”

What to say
A pint of mild/bitter/lager, please.
Do you have any German/Dutch beers?
Same again, please.
Two bags of crisps (potato chips), please.

What you might hear
If you’re out late, you might hear these calls for last orders:

Last orders, please!
Time, Ladies and Gentlemen, please!

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