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Englisch für die Geschäftsreise, Englisch auf Reisen, Business-Englisch auf Geschäftsreisen, Englisch lernen für Geschäftsreisen

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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Hotelübernachtungen ohne Albträume

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Hotel Übernachtung Englisch, Hotelübernachtung Englisch, im Hotel Englisch, Hotel Englisch

After a morning or day of dragging laptop and luggage through train stations and airports, you\'ll often regard your hotel as a place where you can have a wellearned moment of solitude before your next meeting or leg of travel. But your home away from home can have its own pitfalls. Knowing what to say and how things work is a good way to make sure your stay is relaxing and uneventful.

Like everything else in business, your hotel stay should be planned. Not only is a reservation important, but confirming it is as well, especially when your stay is in another country.

Making a reservation
When you need to make special requests or find out if a hotel meets specific requirements, hotel reservations are best made over the phone.

What to say
Hello, I\'d like to book a smoking/non-smoking room with a single/double/ queen-size/king-size bed for two nights starting on January 23rd. Do you have anything available then?

Do you offer a free shuttle from the airport?

Do you have a fitness centre/swimming pool?

Do you offer a corporate rate?

That\'s a bit expensive. Can\'t you offer me a more attractive rate? I\'ll be staying for two nights.

What you might hear
Yes, I have a room for you during that time/on that night. Would you like to book it?

What is your name please?

Would you like to guarantee your reservation with a credit card?

I\'m sorry, but we\'re booked out on the 23rd /during that time.

Confirming a reservation
If you don\'t care about a hotel\'s amenities, and simply need a room to sleep in, booking over the Internet is often a more convenient alternative. It\'s not only faster, but you\'ll automatically receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. Just print this out and take it with you in case there is a problem.

If you booked your hotel over the phone or through a travel agent, you should contact the hotel the day before you travel to con- firm your reservation.

What to say
Hello, this is Holger Berendt from BTI. I\'d like to confirm my reservation for tomorrow.

What you might hear
Yes, Mr Berendt. We have you booked into a non-smoking room with a king-size bed for three nights beginning tomorrow evening.

Staying in a larger hotel
The important functional departments in a larger hotel are:

  • Reception: Responsible for check-in, check-out and payment.

  • Concierge: Responsible for services such as ordering taxis, recommending restaurants and ordering flowers. If your hotel does not have a concierge, reception provides these services.

  • Housekeeping: Responsible for room cleanliness, sheets, towels, climate control and your comfort.

  • Room Service: Responsible for delivering food from the hotel\'s restaurant to your room.

When you need something, you\'ll get faster service if you contact the correct department. Knowing what to say when you check in is only part of the puzzle. You have to be able to manage a wide variety of situations to keep your stay from becoming stressful. To make this communication easier, we\'ve collected the most commonly used phrases onto a quick-reference sheet (see the following page) that you can take with you. Sleep well!

Essential check-in issues
What to say

Hello, I have a reservation for this evening. My name is Berendt.

How much extra would it cost for...?

Could I see the room first, please?

Does the room have...?

Is breakfast included?

Where is the breakfast room?

How much extra do you charge for breakfast?

Can you put my valuables in the safe, please?

Could you have my luggage brought up to my room, please?

Where can I park my car?

Is your restaurant still open?

Where can I get Internet/Wireless LAN access?

Can I check out late on my departure date?

What you might hear
Yes, Mr Berendt. You\'ll be staying with us through the 25th, is that correct?

Hmm. I can\'t seem to find your reservation. Do you have your reservation code or confirmation with you, sir?

Would you mind filling out our registration form, please?

Could I see your passport and credit card, please?

You\'ll be staying in Room 203. The elevator is just around the corner. Here is your (card) key.

Check-out time is 11 a.m. You\'ll need to vacate the room by then on the morning of your departure.

You can check out here or use the automated check-out system built into the television in your room. Just push the service button on your remote and select the check-out option.

Our car park is just around the corner.

Our breakfast room is on the third floor.

Breakfast is served in our restaurant.

Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 a.m.

I\'m afraid our restaurant is already closed, but you can order from room service 24 hours a day.

Other check-in issues
Can you recommend a good local pub/coffee shop/shopping centre/ Italian restaurant /pizzeria?

Do you have a fitness centre/swimming pool?

Is there a nice place where I can go running/jogging/walking?

Can you tell me how to get to the nearest train station?

Is there a tea or coffeemaker in the room?

Can you give me a wake-up call?

When do I need to vacate the room?

I need to receive a fax. Could you give me your fax number, please?

Have you received a fax for me?

I couldn\'t get my (card) key to work. Can you help me?

Sorry, there\'s a problem
I\'m sorry, but I lost my (card) key. Can you give me another one? I\'m in Room 203. My name is Berendt.

Hello, this is Mr Berendt from Room 203. I\'m sorry, but ...

there is a lot of loud noise/music coming from the room next door. Could you do something about it?

I can\'t seem to get my Internet/Wireless LAN connection to work in my room. Can you help?

the toilet/washbasin is blocked up.

the toilet won\'t stop running.

the tap is dripping.

there is a strange sound/noise/smell coming from the air-conditioning unnit/television/bathroom/bed.

Could I have a different room, please?

Special requests
Yes, this is Mr Berendt from room 203.

Can you tell me how the air-conditioning/heating unit works?

How do I get an outside line?

I\'d like to order room service.

I\'d like to extend my stay by one/two night(s). Is that possible?

I forgot my power adapter/toothbrush/toothpaste. Can you help?

Do you have a laundry service?

Could I have a few extra towels/an extra set of towels/another blanket /another pillow, please?

Could you send someone up with an ironing board and iron, please?

Would you bring me ..., please?

The room/ toilet /bathroom hasn\'t been properly cleaned. Could you send someone up?

The bed hasn\'t been changed. Could you send someone up to change it?

There seems to be a problem with the heating/air-conditioning in my room.

Could you arrange for a taxi to take me to the main station/airport at 7.30 a.m., please?

Could you give me Room 341, please?

When does your free shuttle to the airport run?

Checking out
What to say

Would you prepare my bill, please? I\'ll be down in 20 minutes.

I\'d like to check out, please. Do you accept MasterCard/Visa/American Express?

I\'d like to check out a day early.

Can I leave my bag(s) here with you and collect them before my flight/train this evening?

I\'m sorry, but I think there\'s a mistake on my bill.

I didn\'t use the mini-bar today /at all during my stay.

I\'ve only been here for ... days.

The rate is higher than what you said it would be.

Thank you very much for everything!

What you might hear
That\'s four nights with breakfast plus Internet access.

Have you used the mini-bar (today)?

And how will you be paying, sir?

Here\'s your bill. Could you sign for me here?

How did you find your stay?

It was a pleasure having you with us at the St George, sir!

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Hotel Übernachtung Englisch, Hotelübernachtung Englisch, im Hotel Englisch, Hotel Englisch

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