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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - In der Bahn

Schlagwörter: English, Bahn, Geschäftsreise, Lernen, OWAD

At the ticket office
Carol: I’d like a ticket to Harrogate for tomorrow, please.
Clerk: Certainly, madam. Single or return?
Carol: Return, please.
Clerk: When would you like to travel?
Carol: I’d like to get there by lunchtime.
Clerk: The 9.30 gets there at 12.30, with one change.
Carol. Perfect. Clerk: Shall I book that for you? A standard return costs £180.
Carol: That seems a lot. Are there any cheaper fares?
Clerk: You can get a Saver ticket for £82, but this restricts you to off-peak services after 9.30. With this ticket you would need to get the 10am train, which would get you in just after one o’clock.
Carol: That would be fine. Could you book that for me, please?
Clerk: I’ll make your seat booking too. Would you like forward or rear facing? Window or aisle?
Carol: Window and rear facing please.

Finding your seat
Carol: Thanks for seeing me off and for helping with my bags.
John: No problem. But this bag is too big for the overhead racks. Shall I put it in the luggage space near the toilets?
Carol: Please.
John: These airline-style seats look more comfortable than the ones in the compartments.
Carol: Yes. That’s what the ticket clerk said.
Other passenger: Excuse me, but I think you are sitting in my seat.
Carol: Oh am I? Let me check my ticket. No — Carriage G, seat 74.
Other passenger: I’m so sorry. I should be in the next carriage. I do beg your pardon.
Carol: That’s OK. It’s an easy mistake to make.

The ticket inspector
Inspector: Tickets, please.
Carol: Here you are. Excuse me, but are we running late? I have to change in York.
Inspector: Let me check the timetable. Yes, I see. That shouldn‘t be a problem — we‘ll be in time for the connection to Harrogate.
Carol: Can I ask you something else? I have a Saver ticket. Am I restricted to certain services on the return journey too?
Inspector: Yes, madam. You can’t start your journey between 4.30 and 6 in the evening.
Carol: I see. Thank you. Oh, by the way, is there a buffet car on this train?
Inspector: I’m afraid not. But we do have a trolley service serving drinks, snacks, and sandwiches.

Your fellow passenger
Fellow passenger: Excuse me. Is this seat taken?
Carol: Not as far as I know.
Fellow passenger: I almost missed this train. I caught it by the skin of my teeth.
Carol: Oh dear.
Fellow passenger: I thought I’d made it with plenty of time to spare, but then the concourse and the platform were so crowded it was like shopping in Oxford Street! And I had two heavy bags and a rucksack.
Carol: But you managed anyway.
Fellow passenger: Only because the guard saw me coming and held up the train for me!
Carol: That was lucky.
Fellow passenger: Very. Going far?
Carol: Harrogate.
Fellow passenger: That’s a nice place. First I’m going up to Glasgow, but my final destination is Aberdeen.

Schlagwörter: English, Bahn, Geschäftsreise, Lernen, OWAD

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