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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Kundenbesuch

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Der erste Kundenbesuch, leicht gemacht
There are many reasons to visit a customer. You may be assisting with a sales call, walking through the details of a working relationship, discussing a problem and determining an action plan, installing products, providing consulting services or checking project status. No matter what the reason, the most important thing to remember is that a customer visit is time-consuming and expensive for everyone involved.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to consider the following issues to ensure your visit has the optimal effect:

• Be sure to consult with the salesperson at your firm responsible for the customer. Find out if there are any issues you should not discuss.
• Pre-plan your visit, just as you would a meeting within your company. If there is an agenda, be sure you are prepared to address every issue on it.
• Be sure you are aware of the customer\'s account history and past issues.
• If applicable, be sure you know your negotiating authority.
• Know your company\'s products and speak positively about them.
• If you will require information or equipment during your visit, be sure to send a complete list in advance so that the customer can also be well-prepared.

While concluding the business-at-hand is essential to your success, making a good impression is an important part of nurturing a good customer relationship, and an important part of making a good impression is to avoid being tongue-tied on the basics.

At reception
The first impression you will make is at your point of entry. Let the receptionist know who you are there to meet before you give him your name. This saves him from having to ask for your name and company a second time.

What to say
Good morning/afternoon.
I have an appointment with ...
I’m here to see ...
I’m scheduled to meet with Martin Slater at 10.
I’m Ulrich Henchel from ASG.

What you might hear
I’ll check to see if he’s/she’s in.
I’m sorry, he doesn’t seem to be at his desk/he’s not picking up.
He’ll be down in just a moment.
Would you like to take a seat?

Your first greeting
If you expect to be greeted, keep in mind that your primary contact may send someone else. This person may be a colleague rather than an assistant, so don’t make assumptions! Allow him to introduce himself, then respond simply with your first name and last name, and say “ It’s a pleasure to meet you (at last)/see you again” while shaking hands. While walking to your meeting or work area, it’s customary to make a bit of very simple small talk.

What to say
Looks like we’re having a really beautiful day today!
It’s nice to be inside at last.
It’s frightful outside! You have a really nice building.
Sorry I’m a bit late; there was a lot of traffic.

Greeting your primary contact
If you were escorted to your primary contact, thank your escort, and then wait for your contact to introduce himself. respond in the same way you did when you met your first contact.

Essential questions
Before you start, you may need to get life’s necessities out of the way:

Can you show me where the toilets are?
Would it be possible to get a glass of water before we start?

The preliminaries
If you will be meeting with a group, you will have another step of pleasantries to complete. In small meetings, it’s customary to greet each person with “Nice to meet you!” while shaking hands. Avoid doing this across the table. In large meetings, your primary contact will probably introduce you to the others and then ask each person to introduce himself, going around the table. In this case, handshakes are not necessary and a simple “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you” at the end is enough.

What you might hear
I’d like to introduce you to ..., our ...
could I ask everyone to introduce himself?

About handing out business cards
The best time to hand out your business card is just before getting down to business. If a large number of people are involved, this can be complex. In some companies, people may even stand up suddenly and throw their cards to you across the table! You’ll make a better impression if your style is a bit more controlled. When meeting with

• a small number of people: discreetly lay your card on each person\'s place at the table after shaking hands.

• a large number of people: you need not hand out cards, except to your primary contact. If someone should ask for one, place a stack on the table within everyone\'s reach or pass it around the table.

Small talk
A bit of very simple small talk is customary before things get going.

What to say
Your offices are located in a really beautiful area!
It’s a real pleasure to be able to visit you at last.

What you might hear
Have you got any plans while you’re here?
How was your trip?
Where did you fly in from?

Getting down to business
Your primary contact will typically start things, even if it has been agreed in advance that you will be in charge.

What you might hear
Shall we start?
Before we start, I’d like to mention that ...
I’ve ordered a bit of lunch, which should be here around 12.
I’ve made a reservation for our group at Foley’s at 12:30.

During your visit
Knowing how to gracefully make requests, handle interruptions and respond to questions is essential to making a polite impression.

What to say
What is your question (again)?
Unfortunately I’m not prepared to address that on this visit. Could we make a note of it and handle it offline/later/ when I’m back in the office? (I’m sorry,) could I/we take a short five-minute break?
Would you mind if I/we
... open a window?
... come back to that in a moment?
... table this discussion and handle it
... in a separate meeting?
... as a separate step?
Sorry, how much time do I/we have left?
I’m afraid I don’t understand.
Could you repeat that (a bit more slowly/again), please?
Could we ... ?
At this point, I’d like to
... suggest that we ...
... check that you/everyone ...

Saying goodbye
This is the time to sum up your opinion of the visit, ask your primary contact for his observations, possibly ask for local recommendations and even hint at the future:

I‘d like to thank you all for your time.
I think we’ve made good progress today/ this morning/this afternoon.
What are your thoughts?
Do you have any additional issues you’d like to raise?
I believe the next steps would be to ...
What do you believe our next steps should be?
I have a bit of time before my flight tonight.
Can you recommend a good restaurant or pub?
I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow/next week.

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