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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - So landen Sie im richtigen Hotelbett

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Hotel Übernachtung Englisch, Hotelübernachtung Englisch, im Hotel Englisch, Hotel Englisch, im richtigen Hotelbett

When travelling on business, especially to a large city, leaving your overnight stay to chance is a high-risk thing to do. Tradeshows, high-season tourism and other factors can work to ensure every room within a 100 km radius is booked. Without a reservation, you’re out of luck. In extreme situations, hotels have even booked their presidential suites . Booking in advance is therefore a must.

Types of hotels

While executives often choose luxury hotels to provide the level of comfort they’re used to, a company’s road warriors are more likely to call a standard business hotel home. In cases where long-distance flights are involved or when flight connections are an issue, airport hotels ( hotels adjacent to an airport and usually accessible by foot or shuttle bus ) and rail hotels ( hotels in or next to a train station ) may be preferable, as they help to reduce overall travel time. Business people who travel less frequently typically stay in a business hotel, but sometimes a conference hotel ( a hotel with enough space to host a tradeshow event and a large number of tradeshow participants ) or budget hotel ( a hotel with simple amenities and services ) may be more convenient. It’s unusual for business people to stay in motels ( short for motor hotel ) , which are more frequented by people travelling by car for non-commercial reasons. Motor court and motor lodge are synonyms for motel. A lodge is a building that serves as the centre point for a resort, camp, or park. It usually contains a hotel and restaurant, but also offers information and location-specific services. A lodge on a golf course, for example, might offer golf cart rentals. Lodges can also be excellent places to overnight depending on their distance away from where business is taking place. Resort hotels are similar to lodges.
If you’ll be visiting a city for quite some time and you prefer to have more of the amenities of home, an extended-stay hotel may offer accommodation that’s more to your liking. These usually provide a kitchenette complete with stove, oven, microwave, toaster, and refrigerator, enabling you to make healthier and more varied meals than may be available in the restaurants, or allowing you to meet specific dietary needs. Usually, rooms at extended-stay hotels are suites divided home-style into bedroom, dining, and living areas.
If you’re travelling on business and are in the mood for a change, a bed-and-breakfast might be an interesting alternative. These establishments often offer a place to stay that has much more personality than a hotel, as well as a home-cooked breakfast and good conversation. B&Bs have a few drawbacks, however: their range of services is often more limited ( there is no concierge service , for example ). Some even lock up at night, making it impossible for you to arrive late. Most hotels offer a full range of room types, bedding types, and other services.

Room and bedding types
The standard bed in most hotels in North America is the double bed . A room containing a double bed is called a double . A double offers cost-effective accommodation for a single business traveller. A queen bed ( the size of two single beds pushed together ) is often more comfortable for taller travellers, and a king bed ( even larger ) offers luxurious room for two. Rooms containing these beds are known as queen and king rooms. In most modern hotels, rooms in which smoking is allowed are becoming the exception. Many facilities are entirely smoke-free. However, it pays to ask when making your reservation to make sure your room is a smoking room or non-smoking room .

Useful phrases
Reservations these days being almost entirely handled by a travel agent or made via Internet, it’s no longer important to know how to make a reservation on the phone. Knowing what to say when you arrive, however — and how to handle problems — is essential to avoiding frustration and ensuring a pleasant stay. Here are a few phrases that might help make your hotel stay easier.
Checking in
Hello, I’d like to check in. Holger Benk.
Yes, Mr Benk, I see you’ll be staying with us until the 27 th . Is that correct?

Handling problems
Actually, I reserved a non-smoking room with a king-sized bed.
Do you have any non-smoking rooms available?
Do you have a room that’s closer to the ground floor?
The air conditioning in my room doesn’t seem to work. Could you ask someone to come up and take a look at it?
I’m afraid I can’t adjust the heating in my room properly and it’s getting quite uncomfortable in here.
The people in the next room are making a lot of loud noise and I can’t sleep. Could you look into it for me?

Asking for things
I’d like to upgrade to a better room.
Do you have anything available?
Could I have a room with a view?
Could you ask someone to bring me an extra blanket?
Could you have someone bring my bags up for me?
I’ve forgotten my toiletries and it’s very late. Do you offer any basic toiletries?
Could you ring me at 5:30 in the morning?

Ordering room service
Hi, this is room 212. I’d like to order room service.
Room service, please.
How long will that take?

Asking for help
Can you recommend a good Italian res taurant in the neighbourhood?
Is that within walking distance?
Where is your fitness centre?
What hours is the breakfast buffet open?

Checking out
I’d like to check out. Room 212.
Could you call a taxi for me?
Where can I catch your shuttle to the airport?
When does the next airport shuttle leave?
I took a few things from the minibar. I didn’t take anything from the minibar.

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise auf Englisch, Englisch Geschäftsreise, Business Trip Englisch, Hotel Übernachtung Englisch, Hotelübernachtung Englisch, im Hotel Englisch, Hotel Englisch, im richtigen Hotelbett

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