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Geschäftsreise auf Englisch - Wichtige Feiertage in Großbritannien

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Knowing when holidays take place in the UK is not only important to transacting business, it’s a valuable topic for small talk. We’ve prepared a quick overview of UK holidays to assist you when planning joint efforts and to make you aware of the opportunities for a quick, relationship-building chat.

When the banks are closed

A national public holiday in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland is known as a bank holiday. The name is derived from the fact that banks are closed for business on these days. Historically this affected other businesses, which were as a result closed as well.

These days, businesses can operate even though the banks are closed, but the tradition continues: most Britons do not work on these days. Those who do usually receive “time-and-a-half” or “double-time” pay. Traditional holidays like Halloween and Guy Fawke’s Night are widely celebrated, but most people work on these days. The only day when everything is really closed is Christmas Day (25 December).

The UK has relatively few holidays when compared to other European countries. Combine this with the fact that shops are open on Sundays, and you might think the UK has become more like the US: a lot of work and little play. The truth is that most working Britons enjoy four weeks of holiday per year, which is a lot of time to relax!

When people go away
When dealing with a business in the UK, you should expect that anyone you’re working with will take two to three weeks off in July or August, usually at a seaside resort, but often to go on world travel. Many will also take off for a week of skiing in winter. Be sure to check your partner’s schedule before planning project work, and don’t forget to ask about the holiday details after the fact!

Important 2007 holidays and events in the UK

1 New Year’s Day (bank holiday)
2 Second January (bank holiday in Scotland only)

17 St Patrick’s Day (traditional holiday, bank holiday in N. Ireland)

The feast day celebrating Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The holiday is also celebrated culturally around the world by people of Irish descent, generally by wearing green, eating Irish food, drinking beer and attending parades.
6 Good Friday (bank holiday in England, Scotland and N. Ireland)
9 Easter Monday (bank holiday in England, N. Ireland and Ireland)

7 May Day Bank Holiday
28 Spring Bank Holiday (England, Scotland and N. Ireland)

4 June Bank Holiday (Ireland)
25 Wimbledon Tennis Championship (until 8 July) (traditional holiday)

12 The Twelfth/Orangeman’s Day/The Boyne Celebrations (bank holiday in N. Ireland)
Commemorating the Battle of the Boyne in 690 and the Glorious Revolution in 689, which marked the end of the absolute power of James II and the beginning of constitutional monarchy in the UK.
6 Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland and Ireland)
27 Summer Bank Holiday (England and N. Ireland)

26 Harvest Festival (traditional holiday)
A celebration of thanks for the harvest. Unlike in the US and Canada, where Thanksgiving is tied to a specific day, the Harvest Festival occurs on the day of the Harvest Moon (autumn equinox).
29 October Bank Holiday (Ireland)
31 Halloween (traditional holiday)
Usually thought to be an American holiday, Halloween originated in Britain!

5 Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night (traditional holiday)
Commemoration of the Bonfire Plot, led by Guy Fawkes, to blow up the English Parliament and King James I in 605. His failure is celebrated by the lighting of bonfires or fireworks.

25 Christmas Day (bank holiday)
26 Boxing Day (bank holiday)

Fridays and Mondays
It is a common practise for Britons to take a number of three-day, mini-holiday weekends throughout the year. During the summer, this is often at the beach or at “the lakes”. In the spring, European cities are a favourite destination. When response time might be an issue, be sure to verify that your colleague will be available on that critical Friday or Monday before your deadline.

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