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Probleme im Hotel?

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise, Englisch lernen, OWAD Trainer

At Reception
Receptionist: Good afternoon, madam. Do you have a reservation?
Daniella: Yes. For two nights — the name is Falk, Daniella Falk.
Receptionist: Here we are. A single room for two nights.
Daniella: I hope it’s a non-smoking room.
Receptionist: Let me check. Mmm — that wasn’t specified in the booking, but let me see if one is available… Yes — on the third floor. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been cleaned yet. But if you can wait for about half an hour, it should be ready then.
Daniella: I’ll remember to specify nonsmoking next time I book. Can I leave my luggage with you? Then I can go for a walk and stretch my legs after all the travelling.
Receptionist: Certainly. I’ll just put this tag on the bag and tear off the end. It’s your receipt.
Daniella: Thanks. See you in half an hour.

In the room
Daniella: Hello. Is that reception? I need some help. I can’t work out how to get hot water in the shower, my TV remote control doesn’t work, and how on earth do I open the window?
Receptionist: Oh dear! I’m sorry about this. I’ll send someone up.
Daniella: Thank you. I was just about to take a shower before going out so I would appreciate it if you could do that right away.
Receptionist: I’ll contact our maintenance man immediately.
( Later )
Maintenance man: Good afternoon, madam. What seems to be the problem?
Daniella: Well, first of all, the TV remote doesn’t work.
Maintenance man: I’ve got some spare batteries — that should fix it. Daniella: And I can’t open the window. Maintenance man: Let me have a look. Ah — there’s a child safety device here, which someone has locked. See — now it’s open.
Daniella: Great. Finally, I can’t turn on the hot water in the shower.
Maintenance man: It’s easy when you know how. You just turn the whole tap like this and stop when the water is hot enough for you.
Daniella: It’s that easy! I should have worked that out myself.
Maintenance man: Don’t worry. You’re not the first person I’ve had to help with that.

Changing the room
Daniella: Good morning. I’m sorry to bother you, but perhaps you could help me with something?
Receptionist: Certainly. What is it?
Daniella: I was wondering if I could change my room for the second night of my stay. The room I have at the moment overlooks the roof of the kitchen and there are huge extractor fans that keep going all through the night. I just found it impossible to sleep properly.
Receptionist: Oh, I’m very sorry about that. We are very busy, but I’ll see what I can do… There’ll be a single room free on the fifth floor later. It’s non-smoking and overlooks the gardens. Would that be suitable?
Daniella: That sounds fine. But what do I do about my luggage?
Receptionist: If you pack it up, I’ll get a porter to take it to your new room.
Daniella: Great. The fifth floor — is that the same floor as the fitness centre?
Receptionist: That’s right. If you want to use it, your key card opens the door. And please let us know half an hour in advance if you want to use the sauna.
Daniella: Will do. Thanks for your help. Receptionist: You’re welcome.

Checking out
Daniella: I’d like to check out, please. Room 503.
Receptionist: Good morning. Did you use the minibar yesterday?
Daniella: No — ( laughs ) not at those prices!
Receptionist: It’s certainly cheaper to drink in the bar. I’ll just print out your bill. Did you sleep better with the garden view room?
Daniella: Much better, thank you.
Receptionist: Here you are. If you could just check it through for me…
Daniella: Right….Um. What’s this item here?
Receptionist: That’s the in-house movie channel on the Pay TV.
Daniella: But I didn’t watch anything. I just flicked through the Pay TV channels and then went back to the ordinary TV.
Receptionist: I’ll remove it. Anything else?
Daniella: Sorry. Yes. What’s this?
Receptionist: That’s room service. Did you have something?
Daniella: Oh yes, I forgot. I had a sandwich on the first evening.
Receptionist: Good. I’ll re-print the bill now. How would you like to pay?
Daniella: Credit card. Here we are.
Receptionist: Thanks. I won’t be a moment

Schlagwörter: Geschäftsreise, Englisch lernen, OWAD Trainer

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