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15 wichtige Wörter und Ausdrücke

Schlagwörter: Communication, Korrespondenz, Englisch, OWAD

When you take part in an international meeting, it helps enormously if you have the right words and phrases to describe meeting procedures. They help you keep control of what’s going on in the meeting and in writing the official follow up documentation.

There are about fifteen common meeting words and phrases you need. You should know them. They are useful in both formal and informal meetings.

First, here’s an example of how the fifteen words and phrases could be used in a meeting. They are in italics in the text.

Mark: It’s eleven o’clock so as I’m the chair this week I’d like to call this meeting to order. We’ll adjourn for lunch at twelve thirty and then carry on at one thirty until four. Does everyone have the agenda for today’s meeting?

All: Yes.

Mark: Good. Do we have anything to add under A.O.B.? No? Fine. So let’s start by looking at the minutes from our last meeting. Are there any amendments needed.

John: No it’s a good record of the business we covered last week I think.

All: Agreed.

Mark: It seems we have a consensus here. In that case let’s go on to item one on the agenda – Matters Arising. Marie, last week you promised to come with a draft proposal for a venue for this year’s sales conference. So could you let us have your suggestion?

Marie: Certainly. I propose we try the conference hotel that the Purchasing Department used last year – The Grand in Brighton. John: I second that. It’s a really good location. I was there for a great holiday a couple of years ago. It’s near the centre and the sea front and….

Mark: Sorry John, you’re out of order here. Marie, please continue.

Now test yourself. Match the vocabulary with the explanations. The answers are on page 25.

So, how did you get on?

If there were any words or phrases you didn’t know or were not sure about – learn them. Having these fifteen key words will allow you to participate more confidently, more correctly and more professionally in your international meetings.

Schlagwörter: Communication, Korrespondenz, Englisch, OWAD

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