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Korrespondenz auf Englisch - Bereiten Sie sich jetzt auf Weihnachten vor: Weihnachtsgrußkarten

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Weihnachtsgrußkarten auf Englisch, Englisch Weihnachtsgrußkarten, Weihnachtskarten auf Englisch, Englisch Weihnachtskarten, Englische Karten, Englische Weihnachtskarten, Weihnachten Englisch, Weihnachtsgrüße Englisch

Most businesses make a special effort
to reach out to their customers, suppliers,
partners and associates during the
holiday season. Often this includes gifts,
sometimes an open-invitation holiday
party, but it always involves the massive
effort of sending out holiday cards.

The secret to avoiding tons of last-minute
stress with the holiday-card process is to
start preparing in October. Select the card
or cards you will use, decide what you will
have printed inside, submit everything to
the printer and wait. After that, the main
priority becomes mailing list preparation.

Whether you’re printing multiple languages
in one card, printing separate cards for
each language or writing your greetings
card-by-card, deciding on the impression
you want to make and how to express
your firm’s feelings properly in words isn’t
always easy. To help, we’ve collected a large
number of holiday-greeting phrases that will
make it easier to get your holiday greeting
card process off the ground faster.

Getting started

Holiday cards you send in English will most
likely be destined for delivery in numerous
countries and cultures around the world.
This means it’s important to consider a
number of issues before selecting and
printing your cards:

  • Buy quality cards. At a time when you’re
    trying to make a positive statement,
    the impact you don’t want to make is
    chintzy. Recipients might assume your
    business is short on cash. In some cultures,
    recipients may get the feeling that
    you don’t feel they are very important.

  • Handwrite the address on each envelope.
    This might sound like a lot of work, but a
    printed address or label looks like typical
    business correspondence and can even
    look like advertising. If your mailing list is
    very long, hire an outside firm to do the
    addressing for you.

  • Beat the rush. Holiday greetings sent
    last-minute through the international
    postal services are sure to arrive late,
    making your firm look unprepared and
    unorganised. Plan the entire project so
    that your cards are ready to be delivered
    to the postal service by the end of
    November. Relax for a week, address
    any last-minute cards yourself and send
    them all off in early December.

  • Always use titles. Mr, Mrs and Ms
    should be used on the envelope. If
    names are used inside, the titles
    should be used again unless you are on
    a very personal basis. In this case using
    the first name inside is acceptable.

  • Make sure your mailing list is up-to-date
    before the addressing process
    begins. Name changes and new addresses
    often fall through the cracks.

  • Be extra sensitive to the fact that people
    from certain cultures – no matter
    where in the world they may be working
    – may be offended by references to
    Christmas. Either write an appropriate
    greeting for each person’s cultural
    tradition ( this could be difficult to
    manage ) or choose a neutral greeting
    like “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy
    Holidays” that can apply to almost any
    culture’s end-of-year celebrations.

  • Eliminate any note of religion
    from your cards
    to ensure
    intercultural sensitivity. Text should
    not refer to religious persona or
    beliefs. The artwork should not depict
    traditional Christmas scenery. Scenes
    of winter, togetherness, happiness and
    friendship are of course acceptable.

  • Let your artwork make the first
    and keep the text on the
    front short. Save longer messages for
    the inside.

  • Personally sign each holiday card leaving
    the office.
    If this is too much work,
    farm this work out.

  • Combine any of the phrases presented
    to create the right message for
    your firm.

Outside phrases

If you are designing the outside of your
card and choose to use any of the following,
be sure to match the capitalisation
and punctuation you see below:

Season’s Greetings
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
From all of us
Warmest Holiday Wishes
Holiday Wishes
Wishing you Joys of the Season

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for
the New Year

The friendship of those we serve is the
foundation of our progress

Coming together is a beginning. Staying
together is progress. Working together
is success.

There is no time more appropriate to say
Thank You.

Health, Happiness and Prosperity

At the/this holiday season, our thoughts
turn gratefully to those who have made
our progress possible

There is no better time than the holidays
to say Thank You for your business and
wish you a Happy New Year

To our customers and friends we extend
our Sincerest Best Wishes for a Happy
Holiday Season

Inside phrases

Inside your card, messages are traditionally
in sentence case, and may or may not
end in a period depending on what looks
best or makes the most sense. The wishes
you express are normally capitalised, as
are standard wishes like Happy Holidays
and Season’s Greetings. Longer messages
containing multiple sentences use periods.
Single statements often do not.


To our customers and many friends, we
thank you and wish you Season’s Greetings

Thank you

Our entire organisation joins in wishing
you and your family a Very Happy Holiday
Our entire organisation joins in wishing

you a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous
New Year
Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for
the New Year

Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season and
a New Year of Happiness

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for
a New Year of Happiness and a World
of Peace

The year’s end brings no greater pleasure
than the opportunity to express to you Season’s
Greetings and Good Wishes. May your
holidays and New Year be filled with joy.

At the close of another year, we gratefully
pause to wish you a Warm and Happy
Holiday Season

Expressing thanks

Our sincerest thanks for your friendship
and good will. We appreciate your business
and wish you all the best for the
coming year.

At this time of year, it is a joy to pause
and thank the many people who have made
our progress possible

There is no time more appropriate to say
Thank You

Sincerest thanks for your business
All of us at ( organisation name ) join in
saying Thank You and wishing you a Happy
Holiday Season and a New Year of Health
and Happiness

Because the good will of those we serve
is the foundation of our success, it’s a
pleasure at this holiday time to say Thank
You as we wish you a Full Year of Happiness
and Prosperity

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season
is the opportunity to say Thank You and to
wish you the Very Best for the New Year

At the Holiday Season, our thoughts turn
gratefully to those who have made our
success possible. It is in this spirit we say
Thank You and express our Best Wishes
for the Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Expressing appreciation

In appreciation of our association over the
past years, we extend our Sincerest Best
Wishes for a Happy Holiday

In warm appreciation of our association during
the past year we extend our Very Best
Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season

More personal

May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness
be yours during this Holiday Season and
throughout the New Year

It gives us great pleasure as a company
and a friend to wish you and your family
a Joyous Holiday Season


Wishing you a Beautiful Holiday Season
and a New Year of Peace and Happiness
Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful.

Whatever brings you happiness.
May it be yours this Holiday Season and
throughout the coming year.


As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find
ourselves reflecting on the past year and on
those who have helped shape our business
in a significant way. We value our relationship
with you and look forward to working
with you in the coming year. We wish you a
Joyous Holiday Season and New Year filled
with Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

More than just Best Wishes and Thanks

For many businesses, the process of sending
Christmas cards each year is seen as
an annoying, compulsory activity. Holiday
cards, however, accomplish much more
than conveying the obligatory thank you.
They allow your firm to:

Make contact with previous customers
or other associates who have been
out of touch for some time. This could
rekindle business!

Deepen its emotional ties with its
customers and partners. People love
to get holiday cards, especially when
they’ve been personally addressed and
signed. They’ll associate this feeling
with your firm.

Accomplish deeper branding. There is
no rule against placing your company
logo, a relevant product logo and your
Web site address inside your card
( but avoid doing this on the front, as
this looks like advertising ).

Add the personal touch

Many firms handle the holiday-card effort
more efficiently by distributing the work
to various members of their staff who
have primary contact with customers.
This might be sales staff, project management
staff or customer support staff.

By distributing the effort, each person
will typically be responsible for manually
addressing and signing a relatively small
number of cards. This does represent an
inconvenience to this person’s time, of
course, but it opens up the opportunity
to write a short, personal note in the
card alongside the printed message that’s
already there. What should be written?
Try any of the following:

  • Fond memories of a successfully completed

  • Recollections of funny events that took
    place while working together

  • Personal comments about how much
    the writer enjoyed working with the
    recipient and looks forward to working
    together with him or her in the future

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Weihnachtsgrußkarten auf Englisch, Englisch Weihnachtsgrußkarten, Weihnachtskarten auf Englisch, Englisch Weihnachtskarten, Englische Karten, Englische Weihnachtskarten, Weihnachten Englisch, Weihnachtsgrüße Englisch

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