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Korrespondenz auf Englisch - Danksagungen zu Weihnachtszeit

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Weihnachtsdank auf Englisch, Englische Weihnachtsdanksagungen, Englisch Weihnachtpost, Weihnachten Englisch, Danksagungen zu Weihnachtszeit

In the next few weeks, unexpected packages will likely start making their way into your office – addressed to your business, to your manager or even to you. It’s all part of the Christmas “build-up”.

You look at the sender. “Oh!”, you think with anticipation, and open the package. What you find inside might hit the nail on the head: a selection of cheeses, wines or sweets, gift certificates to online shops or perhaps even tickets to a local concert or game. But that large, polka-dotted bean-bag chair with Day-Glo corporate logo might also miss the mark. No matter: it’s the thought that counts, and whether you find the gift thoughtful, unnecessary or impersonal, it’s how you respond to this moment of sincere consideration that defines your interpersonal skills in the eyes of others. More important, a thank-you note is not only good manners, it’s an excellent relationship-building tool.

What etiquette demands

If you’ve received any sort of gift – no matter how small – etiquette requires you to acknowledge that gift in writing.

Be timely

Etiquette in many countries requires you to acknowledge the gift within two weeks, so don’t wait until after Christmas. A response before Christmas adds to the sender’s warm feelings of the season.

If Christmas is already upon you, don’t let this slow your response. A thank you card sent just before Christmas will still arrive in time to allow you to wish the sender a successful start in the New Year.

If the gift was small – for example, a small bag of tea or a candle given in person at a group meeting or luncheon – don’t let the fact that you already said thank you in person stop you from sending a written thank you. You should still do it.

Be thoughtful
Corporate gifts are not like the hand-sewn pink rabbit pyjamas Aunt Jane sends for one of your children. You don’t need to talk about how wonderful the gift is and send a photo of it being used.

All that’s necessary is to acknowledge that the gift was received. And to express the appropriate wishes for a happy Christmas season and a happy New Year.

Focus on the relationship
Keep in mind that the purpose of your thank you note is less to say thank you and more to increase the personal bond between you and the sender. Your note should therefore mention the relationship you have and how you would like to see it develop.

Use the correct medium
Modern technology offers a number of ways to send thank you greetings. Be sure to use the right one for each gift.

For gifts received in person, by courier or via post, the only acceptable response is a thank you card, which makes your thank you seem less business-like and more sincere.
It’s acceptable to use other media to send a thank you in some circumstances:

When it’s clear the gift was intended to have an immediate, surprise nature. Examples are courier-delivered items like flowers, chocolates and the like. Your thank you in this case should be immediate, and either by telephone or by email.

When you have an established, informal relationship with the sender and already communicate regularly and almost daily via email.

If you communicate regularly with the sender via SMS and the gift had an immediate nature, a thank you via SMS is also acceptable.

Thank you message content
In writing, gift from a company

When thanking a company, there’s no need to make personal comments. You need only state your thanks, mention the gift and state that you look forward to continuing or extending your relationship in the next year. Because the gift was from a company, you don’t need a “Dear xxx” line.

Thank you so much for the GiftDescription (example: box of chocolates), and for thinking of me/us this holiday season.

It’s that simple!
For that extra relationship-building touch, add one of the following:

I/We look forward to working with you again in the coming year.
I look forward to continuing my relationship with your team in the coming year.

Close with a New Year’s wish:

May the coming year greet you with happiness and success.
My/Our best wishes for a Happy New Year and Success and Prosperity in 2013.

On the telephone
If a gift has just arrived and you feel it should be responded to with immediacy, by all means pick up the phone – but only if the sender was an individual. Try this – it works just as well in person as in a voicemail message:

Hi Sarah,
This is Andrea at CompanyName. We just received the ( Gift Description ) you sent. Thank you so much! How nice of you to think of me/us!

On voicemail, you’d add:
Let’s talk about it another time, OK?
Give me a call when you have a moment.

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Weihnachtsdank auf Englisch, Englische Weihnachtsdanksagungen, Englisch Weihnachtpost, Weihnachten Englisch, Danksagungen zu Weihnachtszeit

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