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Korrespondenz auf Englisch
englische Korrespondenz, englische Briefe verfassen, englische Angebote, englische Mahnbriefe, englische Weihnachtsgrüße, Beschwerdebriefe auf Englisch, Zahlen auf Englisch Korrespondenz

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Telefonieren auf Englisch
Englisch Anrufbeantworter, Anruf entgegennehmen auf Englisch, Nachricht hinterlassen auf Englisch, Buchstabieren auf Englisch, Begrüßung auf Englisch

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Besprechungen auf Englisch, English for Meetings, Englisch für Meetings, Business English Meetings, Meetings in Englisch, Meetings Englisch, Business Englisch Meetings, englischsprachige Meetings

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Korrespondenz auf Englisch - Kurzschrift in Korrespondenz und Rede

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch – Kurzschrift Englisch, Englische Kurzschrift, Korrespondenz Kurzschrift, Rede Kurzschrift, Diktat Kurzschrift

In the private sector, electronic communication
is much less formal than
traditional paper-based correspondence.
Both e-mail and text-based online
chatting have led to the use of new
vocabulary, acronyms, abbreviations and
symbols (both typographic and image)
that reduce writing effort and allow the
writer to express his or her intended
emotion or meaning at the same time.

Consider the following line of text, for

I'm not sure if one hour for lunch is
enough; you usually eat a lot.

Now take a look at the same text using the
"emoticon" for "wink and a smile":
I'm not sure if one hour for lunch is
enough; you usually eat a lot. ;-)

(Turn the page 90° to the right to see the
wink and smile).

The first text is ambiguous. Because the
reader cannot see the writer's face, the
remark might be taken as an insult. The
text has a harsh sound. In the second
text, the emoticon leaves no doubt that
the remark was made in jest.

Although business communication via email
tends to be a bit less formal than its
paper counterpart, there is a clear line
between what is considered professional
and what is not. Specifically, the acronyms,
abbreviations, symbols (emoticons) and
other shortcuts used by many in today's
correspondence fall on the unprofessional
side of the line. First and foremost, this
means that everything you write - the
words themselves - must leave no doubt
as to your meaning or intent. It also
means you should not use these conventions
yourself in business communication,
whether written or verbal - and especially
not in e-mail.

The issue of clarity

The issue of clarity in business correspondence
and speech is paramount. While
you and those around you may take the
various acronyms, abbreviations and other
shorthand you use for granted, those who
listen to what you say and read what you
write may not.

Understanding what you hear and read

Despite the unprofessional impact such
communication conventions have, many
people still use them without thinking -
even in speech. We've prepared a list of
the most common to help you understand
such communication.

Frequently used acronyms

Although the acronyms below are usually
"all caps", they are very often used "all
lowercase", which can make them look
even stranger.


Dear James,
IMHO, we should never have signed that
deal. The TCO is too high. But it's too
late now. Can you send me a copy of the
final contract ASAP?

Frequently used abbreviations


Hi Susan,
Attached is a copy of the contract you
requested. I've cc'ed Mary et al. on this
so they will have it as well. Let me know if
you have any comments (i.e. criticism).
NB: Paul didn't see any problems with the
provisions we agreed to.

Modern vocabulary


I'm not exactly sure which flavour of the
software she installed - she's a bit of a
newbie around here.



I'm shocked to hear that! :-x :-o
BTW, could you ask Andrea if she'd be
willing to help me with my new printer? I
can't get it working. :-{ >:-(

One very important rule of business correspondence
is to always, always, always
communicate in a positive, energetic manner.
The use of emoticons can make your
communication less positive. Consider the
following two variations of the same text:

Sorry, I completely forgot!

Sorry, I completely forgot. :-(

The second variation, while possibly expressing
the writer's mood, clearly puts a
negative spin on the communication, while
the first adds energy.

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch – Kurzschrift Englisch, Englische Kurzschrift, Korrespondenz Kurzschrift, Rede Kurzschrift, Diktat Kurzschrift

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