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Korrespondenz auf Englisch - Wirkungsvolle Bestätigungsbriefe

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Bestätigungsbriefe auf Englisch, Englisch Bestätigung, Englisch Bestätigen, Bestätigung auf Englisch, Englisch Zusagen, Zusagen auf Englisch, Englisch Zusage

When's the last time you wrote a letter
to a company making a complaint or
requesting information? Did you immediately
get a letter of confirmation stating
that your letter had been received, or did
weeks go by, after which you received a
letter addressing your request?

Somehow, in today's fast-paced business
world, the act of writing confirmation letters
that respond to everyday business
events seems to have been dismissed as
unnecessary. Regarded as antiquated,
bothersome and ultimately time-consuming,
businesses more and more simply
react to customer requests: request
received, customer waits, response returned.

Not surprisingly, a number of letter-writing
experts on the Internet now advocate the
opinion that confirmation letters should
be extremely short, impersonal and
limit themselves to the business issues
at hand.

With the advent of e-mail, customers now
enjoy the convenience of auto-response
confirmations. When a customer makes
a request or purchase, he immediately
receives an automatically generated
confirmation via e-mail. Impersonal. Dry.
The appearance of good service without
the effort.

It's a shame, because personalised confirmation
letters provide an ideal way to build
confidence and reinforce relationships with
customers and other firms. Every communication
that seems friendly and goes
above-and-beyond contributes an extra
touch to customer relationships that other
companies don't bother to make. That's a
competitive edge that's hard to ignore.

The art of writing relationshipbuilding confirmation letters

Let's say your firm has received a complaint
letter. Many firms would simply forward
the letter to the appropriate person
internally, develop an official response or
remedy and reply in writing - sometimes
up to a week or more later.

Consider the difference in customerrelationship
impact, however, if you were
to immediately send the following short
confirmation letter to the customer before
forwarding the complaint letter internally
for handling:

Dear Mr Jones,

Your letter of complaint dated
28 July arrived this morning.

Deeply concerned, I forwarded
your letter to our Customer
Relations Manager, Bernhard
Falkner, who has promised to
review it personally and respond
by the end of the week.

If you have not heard from Mr
Falkner by 5 August, please
don't hesitate to contact me
directly at +49 555 5555 5555.

Please accept our apologies for
any inconvenience you have encountered
as a result of this

Yours sincerely,

Margaretha Schwind
Office Administrator

What does the customer get out of such
a confirmation letter?

  • Confirmation that his letter has been

  • Confirmation that his issue will receive
    personal treatment

  • Confirmation that the company is
    concerned and will take action

  • A feeling that the company is reliable,
    trustworthy and takes care of its

  • An easing of his misgivings that
    the problem will be allowed to get
    worse or may even go unaddressed

  • An indication that the company
    communicates professionally and
    maintains an open dialogue with
    its customers

That's a lot for one short letter! But that's
the point. A confirmation letter should not
only confirm a business transaction or
communication, it should bolster or create
a relationship with the person on the other
end of the communication.

When is a confirmation letter appropriate?

Confirming every single business transaction
or communication that occurs would of
course be complete overkill. Confirmation
letters are generally a good idea when:

  • You cannot respond the same day to a
    request that has been made

  • When it's important to inform a customer,
    supplier, partner, associate or
    co-worker that his issue will be taken

  • When you wish to express your appreciation
    for an invitation, document, gift
    or anything else that you have received

  • When it's important to put the content
    of a verbal discussion or agreement from
    a previous communication into writing

  • When you need to confirm in writing that
    you have granted authority to someone
    or have placed or received an order

  • When you need additional information
    from your communication partner
    before you can take further action

  • When you wish to introduce an additional
    opportunity to inform your communication
    partner about something,
    for example new product offerings,
    special deals, new terms, etc.

Elements of a good confirmation letter

Any confirmation letter leaving your office
should include the following elements:

  • Statement of emotion, if appropriate
    to the situation

  • Reference to triggering event

  • The confirmation itself

  • Request for action, if appropriate to
    the situation

  • Apology, if appropriate to the situation

  • Thank you

  • Offer of further assistance

Useful phrases
Statement of emotion

It was a pleasure to meet you last Monday
at your office in London. I believe we had
a very productive discussion.

It was with concern /dismay that I read
your letter of 26 July, in which you expressed
dissatisfaction with ...

I am pleased to confirm your order from
yesterday and our agreement to process
your order on credit terms.

Reference to triggering event

I would like to confirm the details of our
agreement as discussed in our telephone
conversation on 26 July.

I would like to confirm the details of our

We received your request /order for ...

We received your letter requesting partial
cancellation of your order from 20 July.

We received your letter addressed to Mr
Jonas Burka this morning.

We would like to confirm the order we
placed with your staff via telephone

Thank you for your letter dated ...

Thank you for your invitation to participate
in ...

The confirmation itself

The main points of our agreement are/
were as follows:
You agreed ( to ) ...
We agreed ( to ) ...
As agreed, ...
As stated, ...
It is our understanding that you ...
We hereby confirm ...
You are hereby authorised to ...
It is my understanding that you will ...
We will be issuing your refund as soon
as ...
I will bring your letter to Mr Burka's attention
as soon as he has returned.
We will hold your order until ...
Pursuant to your request, we ...
We are committed to resolving the current
situation to our mutual satisfaction
as swiftly as possible.

Request for action, if appropriate to the situation

Please sign a copy of this letter
and return it to me at
your earliest convenience.
Unless we receive communication
from you to
the contrary, ...
Upon receipt, we will
release shipment of your

Apology, if appropriate to the situation

We are sorry you experienced
a problem with ...
Once again, please accept our
deepest apologies for the current

Thank you

We appreciate your patience in this
Thank you for your interest in our firm.
Thank you ( in advance ) for your cooperation
/assistance in this matter.

Offer of further assistance

If I may be of any assistance during Mr
Burka's absence, please do not hesitate
to call.
If you should require any further assistance
( with ) ...
If you have any further questions ...
... please do not hesitate to call.

Writing tips

  • First and foremost, a confirmation letter
    should convey in its tone and style that
    what is important to your correspondence
    partner is important to you. Here are
    some tips that will help you write efficient
    confirmation letters that are convincing
    and faith-instilling:

  • Be sure you have a clear understanding
    of the latitude you have in communicating
    about and addressing the
    issue at hand. Your confidence with
    your scope of authority will shine
    through the content of your letter and
    make a positive impression.

  • If you are confirming an agreement,
    be sure not only to provide details of
    what you agreed to, but also details
    about what is NOT included in the
    agreement. This may result in further
    rounds of discussion, but nailing down
    the details up front will forestall serious
    misunderstandings in the future.

  • Check the facts before confirming
    anything in writing.
    After you?ve written the
    letter, cross-check it
    once more with the
    facts to prevent
    errors from slipping

  • Your tone should
    be business-like
    and brief. However,
    you should still
    sound sincere, helpful
    and friendly. In a
    complaint situation:
    caring, with apologies.
    In a thank-you situation:
    appreciative. Never formal.
    Never bureaucratic. And
    always be polite by using please
    and thank you.

  • Optimally, confirmation letters should
    be sent within one business day after
    the initiating communication.

  • If you are confirming participation in
    an event, be sure also to use a tone
    of enthusiasm. The person who invited
    you should feel that you are excited by
    your participation.

Schlagwörter: Korrespondenz auf Englisch, Bestätigungsbriefe auf Englisch, Englisch Bestätigung, Englisch Bestätigen, Bestätigung auf Englisch, Englisch Zusagen, Zusagen auf Englisch, Englisch Zusage

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