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Grammatik auf Englisch - Aussagekräftigere Adjektive

Schlagwörter: Adjektive, Englisch, English, Grammatik, grammar, Englisch lernen

How was the concert? Good. You can probably sense a lack of feeling in this response. It’s emotionless. Is the response sincere? Or is it just a flippant answer to the question? The same problem exists with all of the Top 10 most frequently used adjectives used in business situations, so it’s worth learning a few alternatives for each of them that help you communicate more powerfully and accurately
These are the Top 10:

  1. good
  2. new
  3. first
  4. last
  5. long
  6. great
  7. little
  8. other
  9. old
  10. right

Let’s take a look at a few alternatives for each that have a stronger, more meaningful impact and demonstrate greater fluency with the language. These are definitely worth learning.

Goodexcellent – having superior quality
first-class – having the best quality
skilled – having superior ability
positive – having a constructive quality
valuable – being so good as to have measurable value

That was an excellent idea.

That was a first-class meal.

She is very skilled with numbers.

Our efforts are beginning to have a positive effect.

Susan made several valuable contributions to the meeting.

fresh – not encountered before
ground-breaking – ahead of the times
unaccustomed – unfamiliar with

If we expect to take the market lead, we’re going to need some fresh ideas.

Mark is known for coming up with ground-breaking approaches.

Mary is unaccustomed to managing a team.

earliest – occurring near the beginning
introductory – serving as an introduction at the beginning
highest – being at or near the top

It was the earliest confirmed case of Ebola.

His introductory remarks were very entertaining.

Solving these problems should be our highest priority.

closing – final or ending
least likely – least probable
previous – coming before something else

Did you read Greg’s closing comments at the end of his sales report?

Tim is the least likely person anyone would consider for the job.

My previous manager was stupid with two o’s. ( stoopid )

extended – stretched out
prolonged – so long as to be tedious
lengthy – of very great length

They offered an extended training session, but I didn’t have time for it.

It was a prolonged argument that led nowhere.

Sarah offered a lengthy explanation for her mistake.

Great tremendous – extremely large
considerable – very large in amount
talented – marked by unusual ability
enthusiastic – showing significant excitement

The tradeshow was a tremendous success.

Tina has considerable influence at the executive level.

Zoe is a talented software developer.

I’m not an enthusiastic fan of chocolate.

tiny – very small in number or degreeinsignificant – lacking in importancebrief – short in duration

He sits at the tiniest desk I’ve ever seen.

Let’s not argue about insignificant details.

Larry experienced a brief moment of pain.

additional – further or added
alternative – used in place of another
remaining – the ones not accounted for

No additional details are available at the moment.

We need to consider an alternative course of action.

Please take the remaining candidates to the cafeteria for the next part of the selection process.

elderly – quite old
antiquated – obsolete, ancient
former – earlier than the present time
unoriginal – seen or heard before

I helped an elderly woman cross the street.

Susan was overjoyed to get a new smartphone and be able to throw out her antiquated flip-phone.

Terry is a former colleague of mine.

That is a very unoriginal idea.


correct – free from error or fault
proper – correct in behaviour or conduct
ideal – perfect

Your assessment of the situation was correct.

You have to assemble the machine the proper way or it won’t work.

Tony always seemed to be in the ideal place at the ideal time.

Schlagwörter: Adjektive, Englisch, English, Grammatik, grammar, Englisch lernen

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