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Grammatik auf Eglisch - Britische und amerikanische Schreibweisen

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The two most frequently used variants of English in the business world are British and American English. Like variants in any other language, slight differences in culture and usage have resulted in minor differences in expressions, words used in specific situations and even in spelling. While the differences in words used in British and American English are not significant, the huge influx of immigrants from many linguistic backgrounds in America has led to American spelling rules that are far more phonetic – and as a result often quite different – than British spelling rules, which tend to preserve the historical usage of words.

Because most companies today are multi-national, it’s unusual for a company to have its own global standard. Allowing employees to use their own dialect and language skills when communicating is more the norm. This ensures business communication remains on the whole professional and error-free. Most important, it ensures that a mixture of dialects or language variants does not originate from a single person. Such a mixture in written correspondence can make a very poor impression on the reader.

For Germans who have learned “School English”, the issue of spelling can be a challenge. While some have learned American spelling rules, most have learned British. Before deciding which spelling rules to use, check with your management. Regional or customer issues may demand usage of specific rules. Otherwise, we recommend selecting one set of spelling rules and sticking to them until they become second nature.

Standard spelling rules
The double “l”
In British English, a final “l” after a short vowel is doubled when a suffix is added to the word:

travel - traveller, travelling, travelled

model - modelling, modelled

counsel - counsellor

In American English, the same final “l” is not doubled:

travel - traveler, traveling, traveled

model - modeling, modeled

counsel - counselor

Note that the British word fulfil is fulfill in Amercian English. This requires the final “l” to be doubled in British but not in American English when adding a suffix. The resulting words are the same: fulfiller, fulfilling, fulfilled

Words ending in -our or -iour
Words ending in -our/-iour in British end in -or/-ior in American English:

colour - color

neighbour - neighbor

humour - humor

favour - favor

labour - labor

saviour - savior

behaviour - behavior

Words ending in -ise or -yse with a long “i” sound
Words ending in -ise or -yse in British end in -ize or -yze in American English:

neutralize, realize, standardize, rationalize, patronize, criticize, analyze

But note the exceptions arise and devise, which do not become arize and devize.

The -ise to -ize change may also be found in words ending in -ised and -isation:

categorized, internationalization

Words ending in -ence
Words ending in -ence in British end in -ense in American English:

defense, license, offense, pretense

Words ending in -re
Words ending in -re in British end in -er in American English:

center, theater, fiber, liter

Words ending in -ogue
Words ending in -ogue in British end in -og in American English:

catalog, dialog

Miscellaneous spelling rules
The following differences must simply be learned:

BrE - AmE

aeroplane - airplane

aluminium - aluminum

cheque - check

fulfil - fulfill

grey - gray

jewellery - jewelry

judgement - judgment

kerb - curb

manoeuvre - maneuver

programme (TV or radio) - program

but note:

program (computer) - program

sceptic - skeptic

speciality - specialty

tyre - tire

Words ending in -ise with a short “i” sound

In British English, a verb ending in -ise will often have a corresponding noun ending in -ice.

to practise, he needs practice

In British English, it’s important not to use the noun’s spelling when using the verb:

Correct: to license a copy of the software

Incorrect: to licence a copy of the software

However, verbs ending in -ise in British usually end in -ice in American English:

to practise - to practice

to license - to licence

Words ending in -able
In British English, words created by adding -able to words ending in “e” often preserve the “e” before the suffix, where in American usage the “e” is almost always dropped:

sizeable - sizable

unshakeable - unshakable

However in many cases both drop the “e”:

quotable, usable, breathable

There is no consistent rule. The only way to get it right is to check the dictionary.

Schlagwörter: AE, BE, Schreibweise, Englisch, OWAD, Business English Trainer

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