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Grammatik auf Englisch - Vergleiche mit Adjektiven

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When it comes to making comparisons, adjectives are the grease that make the wheels of comparison turn smoothly. Two forms - the comparative and the superlative - allow you to create com¬parisons with grace. The comparative form is used to compare two nouns. The superlative is used to compare three or more nouns and say that one of them is of the highest or lowest degree.

Without these forms, every comparison would sound clunky:
Jason is not as good a worker as Mary. No one is as good a worker as Mary.
With them, you have:
Mary is a better worker than Jason.
Mary is the best worker.

Rather than reviewing the rules for each form separately, we\'ll handle them together to keep the focus on how they are formed.

Adjectives with one syllable
The general rule

Comparative: Add -er
Superlative: Add -est

old older oldest
short shorter shortest
long longer longest
lean leaner leanest

Mr Flanders is older than Mr Benson.

The distance from AtoB is shorter than the distance from A to C.

Martin offered the longest explanation for the financial meltdown I have ever heard.

I wouldn\'t say the person who sat next to me on the plane was exactly the leanest person on board.

Adjectives ending with -e
Comparative: Add -r
Superlative: Add -st

nice nicer nicest
large larger largest
safe safer safest
The service reps at Bishop Supplies are much nicer than those at MegaSup.

Mathilde Swenson has by far the largest office in our division.

I think Option B looks like the safest course of action.

Adjectives ending with consonant-vowel-consonant
Double the last consonant, then add -er
Double the last consonant, then add -est

big bigger biggest
hot hotter hottest

We were given the biggest presentation time slot.
Today is hotter than yesterday.

Adjectives with two syllables
The general rule

Comparative: more/less + adjective
Superlative: most/least + adjective

modern more/ less modern most/ least modern
careful more/ less careful most/ least careful
honest more/ less honest most/ least honest

Our offices are more modern than you would expect.

Incorrect: Our offices are moderner than theirs.
Our lab technicians are less careful than they used to be.
Jessica McKnabb is the most honest person I know.

Adjectives ending with -y
Comparative: Change the yto /and add -er
Superlative: Change the yto iand\'add -est

busy busier busiest
early earlier earliest
happy happier happiest

If you want to get something done quickly, give it to the busiest person on the staff.
Jonathan took the earliest flight possible.
Our employees have been much happier since the new CEO took charge.

Adjectives ending with -er, -le and -ow
Comparative: Add -er
Superlative: Add -est

narrow narrower narrowest
clever cleverer cleverest
gentle gentler gentlest

Max is difficult to work with: he\'s one of the narrowest thinkers I know.
Harold Short is the cleverest attorney I have ever met.
The weather this week is gentler than it has been.

Adjectives with three or more syllables
Comparative: more/less + adjective
Superlative: most/least + adjective

diligent more/less diligent most/least diligent
considerate more/less considerate most/least considerate
intelligent more/less intelligent most/least intelligent
expensive more/less expensive most/least expensive

Meredith is the most diligent secretary on our staff.
Our manager has instructed everyone tobe more considerate when handling complaints.
That\'s the most intelligent idea I\'ve heard.
Danish furniture is the most expensive furniture on the planet.

Irregular verbs

good better best
bad worse worst
little [quantity) less least
many more most
far farther farthest

The food in our cafeteria is better than you\'d expect.
My flight to Lisbon was the worst ever. I couldn\'t possibly care less.
More people registered for the seminar after the cut-off date than before.
Somehow it feels like the Eiffel Tower is always farther away than it looks.

Schlagwörter: Grammatik auf Englisch, Englisch Grammatik, Englische Grammatik, Englisch Grammar, Gramatik auf Englisch, Englisch Gramatik, Englische Gramatik, Englisch Grammar, Adjektive

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