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Grammatik auf Englisch - Vergleichen und Steigern

Schlagwörter: Grammatik auf Englisch, Englisch Grammatik, Englische Grammatik, Englisch Grammar, Gramatik auf Englisch, Englisch Gramatik, Englische Gramatik, Englisch Grammar, Vergleichen und Steigern

When you wish to compare objects that have the same degree of a specific characteristic or quality, as…as is the correct construct to use.
as (adjective) as
When using as…as, you compare using the basic form of the adjective, without having to change its ending.

Susan is as eager to help as Robert.
Today is as hot as yesterday was.
This restaurant is just as expensive as a restaurant in Paris.

Be sure to translate wie so… … using … as … as The following is always incorrect: My boss is so bureaucratic as a politician.

When one thing has more or less of a specific characteristic or quality, you have to use an adjective in its comparative form. In direct comparison, this is followed by the word than :
(comparative form) than

English is easier than Swahili.
Joseph works harder than Tom.

My father is fatter than my mother.

Use the superlative when you wish to state that the degree of a characteristic or quality of something is higher than that of all other objects in the comparison. The superlative form of the adjective usually ends in –st.

This is the easiest (of them all).
This is the heaviest laptop I’ve ever seen.
Susan James is the strictest manager in the company.
Meredith is the prettiest woman in town.

Meredith is the most beautiful woman in town.
As with the formation of the comparative, the spelling of the superlative form also has nuances — especially when the adjec¬tive has more than one syllable. Because these tend to parallel the comparative, we present the rules side-by-side:

One-syllable adjectives
Adjectives ending with consonant

Comparative: Add –er
smarter, longer, richer
Adam is richer than his brother.
The line is longer over there.
My brother is smarter than I am.

If a single vowel precedes the ending con¬sonant, the consonant is doubled:
bigger, fatter, thinner
This one is bigger than that one.
My bank account is fatter than yours.

Superlative: Add –est
smartest, longest, richest
Bill Gates is the richest man in the US.
Remember to double the consonant in the case of a preceding single vowel:
biggest, fattest, thinnest

Adjectives ending with –e
Comparative: Add –r
Superlative: Add -st
large, larger, largest
close, closer, closest
strange, stranger, strangest
This printer is larger than that one.
London is closer than Singapore.
Their solution is stranger than ours.
London is the strangest city.

Adjectives ending with –y
Comparative: Change –y to –i, add –er
Superlative: Change –y to –i, add -est
dry, drier, driest
wry, wrier, wriest
Barcelona is drier than London.
Las Vegas is one of the driest cities in the world.
James has the wriest personality.

Other cases
Comparative: Add –er
Superlative: Add -est
small, smaller, smallest
quick, quicker, quickest
This one is smaller (than that one).
This line is quicker.

Two-syllable adjectives
Adjectives ending with –e or -ow

Comparative: Add –r
Superlative: Add -st
narrow, narrower, narrowest
simple, simpler, simplest

The Strait of Gibraltar is narrower than the Bering Strait.
Let’s use the simpler approach.
Quitting is the simplest solution.

Adjectives ending in –y
Comparative: Change –y to –i, add –er
Superlative: Change –y to –i, add -est
heavy, heavier, heaviest
tiny, tinier, tiniest
My laptop is heavier than yours.
My laptop is much heavier than yours.
My laptop is the heaviest.
This is the tiniest smartphone!

Other cases
Comparative: more/less + base form
Superlative: most/least + base form
beautiful, delicious, important
High Street is more beauti¬ful than Low Street.
Bridge Park is the most beautiful area in town.
Which issue do you think is the most important?

A number of words have irregular com¬parative forms you just have to learn. Here are a few of the most common:
bad, worse, worst
good, better, best
little, less, least
far, farther, farthest
This is the worst food I’ve ever tasted.
It doesn’t get any better than this.
Mark is the least flexible person I’ve ever met.
Which customer is the farthest away?

It’s easy to fall into the habit of using as instead of than when comparing:
My office is bigger as yours . This is incorrect and sounds terrible. Use as only when the degree of something is the same.

Schlagwörter: Grammatik auf Englisch, Englisch Grammatik, Englische Grammatik, Englisch Grammar, Gramatik auf Englisch, Englisch Gramatik, Englische Gramatik, Englisch Grammar, Vergleichen und Steigern

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