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Communication Savvy - Meeting Point - wie man auf Vorschläge reagiert

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The purpose of most meetings ist o allow a free exchange of ideas on which oyou can build a consensus for future action. During this exchange, you need to be able to respond appropriately tot he ideas and proposals of your fellow participants. The question is, how do you accomplish this English English?

Respond positively

If you agree with someone else’s proposal, you need to indicate this clearly to the other meeting participants. By being positive and supportive, you can use direct language with no need to soften with politeness phrases. You can show strong agreement with phrases like this:

I completely / totally agree.

I’m of exactly the same opinion myself.

That’s absolutely right.

This proposal has my full support.

You might follow this up with some reasons for your support. In general, if you agree strongly, you don’t need to repeat what the proposer has already said. You can show weaker agreement like this:

I think I can agree to the main points in your proposal.

You’re probably right.

On the whole

I agree with this suggestion.

I tend to agree with that.

Here you might need to say why your support is not 100 per cent. Simply define the areas where you are not completely in agreement with the proposal

Respond negatively

When disagreeing, you need to be clear but also polite. You don’t want to hurt or insult your fellow meeting participants, so now you need to soften the negative information with politeness phrases. Show strong disagreement with phrases like this:

I’m afraid I couldn’t agree with you at all here.

To be honest, I’m afraid I’m totally opposed to this proposal.

I’m sorry but what you are saying is just not practical /feasible. Frankly speaking, I’m afraid you are completely mistaken about this.

“I’m afraid” is an extremely useful phrase when you want to indicate disagreement. It gives the feeling that your disagreement is not personal, but based on circumstances beyond your control. You also need to explain why you disagree. Show weak disagreement like this:

I’m afraid I can’t entirely share your views on this.

You have a point but we also need to think about……

I’m sorry but I’m not totally convinced by your arguments.

I take your point but have you considered…….?

Again, you need to briefly explain why you disagree.

Stay neutral

Sometimes you do not have a strong point of view and you want to indicate this. When abstaining use phrases like:
I think I’ll abstain on this question. I’m not at all sure what to think here. I’m abstaining.

I really don’t know what the best way forward is so I’ll pass on this.

I really am neutral on this issue.

If you want time to think, use phrases like:

Give me a few moments and I’ll come back to the meeting on this.

I need more time to consider these options. Let someone else say what they think first.

I’m afraid I don’t feel I’m in the position to be able to contribute to this discussion.

A successful meeting is one where everyone participates. Make sure that you do this in the next international meeting where you have to use English. Tell the other participants exactly what you think of their ideas and proposals – but at the same time taking care to maintain a positive atmosphere.

Schlagwörter: Meeting, Insiders English, OWAD, Vorschläge auf Englisch, lernen

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