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Ihr Beitrag zu einem gelungenen Meeting

Schlagwörter: OWAD, Business English Trainer, Englisch lernen, Meetings, Geschäftsreise, Geschäftssprache

Because we spend a lot of time in meetings during our career, effective participation is essential.

We all know what it's like sitting in a meeting with the feeling that it's a waste of time. While we can't control the behaviour of others, we can control our own. It's thus in our own interest to strive to be an effective participant and a role model to others.

To help you get on the right path, here are the five Ps of good participation.

1.Be prepared

This is obvious advice. But proper preparation is vital – especially if you are working in a second language.

Are the agenda items clear to you? Do you have to prepare and present information? Are there background papers you need to read? Who will be there? What are the likely sticking points or difficult areas of discussion? What is your opinion on the various issues?

When you are working in English, go through the agenda carefully to see if you have the words and expressions to get your ideas across. Set aside extra time to read the background papers so that you fully understand them. Prepare any short presentations and practice them.

2. Be punctual

Know exactly where the meeting will be held and get there early. Organise your work space so that you have everything at hand. Make small talk with other participants. Helpcreate a good atmosphere before the meeting starts.

If you arrive late, you appear disorganised and you may miss important information. It's also important to meet deadlines for any meeting deliverables.

3. Be positive

It’s very easy to focus on the negative side of what's said. Look at other people’s input in a positive way. Don’t let your personal dislike of a colleague prevent you from seeing the sense in what they are saying. Be prepared to be persuaded. If you do have doubts or reservations, you will put them across more convincingly through a friendly, reasonable approach.

4. Be present

You have to be both physically and mentally present. Be alert. Sit up. Concentrate on what other people are saying. Make notes.

Don’t stare off into space, fidget, slouch in your chair or give the impression that you are impatiently paying lip-service to someone else’s opinions while waiting for your say.

It’s not enough to simply be interested in what’s going on, you also need to show that you are interested.

5. Be pro-active

Try to be the kind of participant you would like others to be.

State your opinions clearly. Don’t force the chairperson to drag them out of you.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to say that you haven’t understood.

Be a good listener. Don’t try to dominate the meeting by speaking all the time. The more pro-active you are in the meeting, the more you will get out of it. And keep in mind that the more you are seen as taking a professional approach, the more this will reflect positively on you as a business partner.

So be a good example to your fellow meeting participants. This will gradually influence the way they behave as well. And your meetings will no longer be a waste of time.

Schlagwörter: OWAD, Business English Trainer, Englisch lernen, Meetings, Geschäftsreise, Geschäftssprache

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