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Korrespondenz auf Englisch
englische Korrespondenz, englische Briefe verfassen, englische Angebote, englische Mahnbriefe, englische Weihnachtsgrüße, Beschwerdebriefe auf Englisch, Zahlen auf Englisch Korrespondenz

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Meetings auf Englisch
Besprechungen auf Englisch, English for Meetings, Englisch für Meetings, Business English Meetings, Meetings in Englisch, Meetings Englisch, Business Englisch Meetings, englischsprachige Meetings

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Meetings auf Englisch - Besprechungsteilnehmer begrüßen und empfangen

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, Teilnehmer empfangen Englisch, Teilnehmer begrüßen Englisch

Greeting meeting participants who visit
your office is much more complex than
simply pointing the way to the WC and
the meeting room. The warmth and interest
you show can have a direct impact
on how each participant regards other
meeting participants and even on how
each receives the information being
presented or discussed. It’s therefore
quite important to give such visitors the
red-carpet treatment.

Here’s how:

Project professionalism

The very first impression you leave can
have an influence on the psychological success
or failure of the meeting. Consider for
example the case of a sales negotiation. A
potential customer visits your office – not
only to negotiate the terms of a purchase
agreement, but to see your facility, meet
the people behind the company and evaluate
his feeling for your company’s dependability.
Making an unprofessional, inefficient, unorganised
or even inhospitable impression
can leave your visitor with a negative view
of the company that may play a crucial
role in the negotiation’s outcome. Visitors
to your company should thus be greeted
with the professionalism of a large, highly
respectable and successful business, and
with the friendliness and hospitality you’d
offer someone who visits your home.

Greet visitors clearly, confidently and with strength

While it seems self-evident, many frontoffice
workers greet visitors with a quick
hello squeezed in between the ringing of
phones and delivery of packages. Visitors
should be greeted with direct eye contact,
a smile and full attention. Each visitor
should feel you are dropping everything to
service his needs and requests.

Welcome to Abacus Associates.

My name’s Andrea Matin.

How can I help you?

If you can, try to be proactive:

Are you here for the meeting with Mr Stein?

Get the details right

When you announce a visitor, it’s important
that he does not overhear you
mispronouncing his name. Therefore, if
you already have a list of participants, mention
this but say you’d like to confirm the
spelling and pronunciation of his name. Be
sure to check his company name as well.
Mistakes in pronunciation here tend to look
more like inefficiency and sloppiness than
difficulty with the language.

Oh yes, Mr Askwith, I have your name
right here on the list.

If you could confirm the spelling/
pronunciation of your name for me, …
… I’d be happy to fill out your visitor’s
badge for you.
… I’d be happy to announce you.

Keep the visitor informed

In some cases, you’ll need to ask participants
to wait in the reception area until
someone comes to escort them to the
meeting room. In this case, it’s important
to keep each visitor informed of what’s
happening – especially if the waiting period
is longer than five minutes.

Mr Danbridge will send someone to
escort you to the meeting room/facility
shortly. Would you like to take a seat?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to reach Mr Danbridge,
but I’ve left a message for him
and his assistant. Someone should be
here shortly to escort you to the meeting
room. Would you like to take a seat?

I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long.
I just spoke with Mr Danbridge’s assistant.
He’s on his way now. If you could
be patient for just a few minutes more,
he’ll be here shortly.

Offer orientation and assistance

Visitors often require assistance with baggage
or need to use the WC – even after
the meeting. Be sure to offer assistance
to everyone who visits, especially to anyone
who must wait.

Would you like to freshen up before
your escort arrives?

Do you require any assistance with your

Can I do anything for you while you wait?

Could I call a taxi for you?

Offer refreshments

Simple acts of hospitality such as offering
a glass of water or a cup of tea can serve
to mitigate any frustration a waiting visitor
might have – whether he is waiting in the
reception area or in the meeting room.

Can I offer you a cup of coffee/tea or
cappuccino while you wait?

Milk or sugar?

Would you like anything to drink ?

Make small talk

Before your visitor takes a seat, or while
escorting him to the meeting room, small
talk is an essential part of making him feel

How was your flight /trip?
How are things in London?
Is your hotel comfortable?
Is this your first visit to Frankfurt?

Keep your cool

As the person charged with handling those
who come in and out of the office, it’s likely
that you’ll be faced with the occasional
stressful situation: multiple visitors at one
time; several phone lines ringing simultaneously;
questions you might not have answers
to. Remaining calm and collected is
key to providing top-notch assistance and
making a positive impression – even if you
must ask a visitor to wait his turn for assistance.
If you ask someone to wait, however,
be sure to remember to apologise:

Thank you for your patience.
I’m sorry you had to wait.
I’m sorry, I’ll be with you shortly.

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, Teilnehmer empfangen Englisch, Teilnehmer begrüßen Englisch

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