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Meetings auf Englisch - Eine ausgezeichnete Vorstellung

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, sich vorstellen auf Englisch, jemanden vorstellen auf Englisch, Englisch Vorstellung

Introductions are everyday occurrences in business. Because an introduction is usually the first impression you make - whether making the introduction or being introduced - it\'s essential to do it with the utmost level of professionalism. Here\'s how:


Let\'s say you and a colleague walk into a room. Your colleague introduces you to the person sitting at a desk or at a conference table. He greets you, but does not rise. How do you feel, standing there? Chances are you have the feeling that the person feels he is more important than you are. If you happen to be more important than him, you may even be insulted. Either way, whether he\'s important or not, he hasn\'t made a good impression or fostered a positive relationship.

The goal of an introduction is to allow two people to get to know each other and exchange positive feelings in a setting isolated from the business context that is to follow.


If anyone who is part of the introduction is standing, all should stand while the introduction is taking place. If everyone is sitting, there is no need to stand.

Personal expression

A sour or disinterested facial expression shows just as much disrespect as not standing. It destroys the ability to exchange positive energy. Your facial expression is a personal statement - not a business statement - of the value the introduction has for you. This means - even if you are involved in an introduction taking place before serious discussions - that the introduction itself should be friendly and positive. The hard realities of business may follow, and business may be business, but an introduction is not business. It\'s a reflection of you.


Always smile and make eye contact with everyone involved in the introduction. Focus on the energy exchange and the personal impact you achieve.

Shake hands

The typical handshake in Western countries lasts three seconds and is firm but not too strong. Avoid the limp handshake in previous decades considered to be the \"ladies\' handshake\". Women and men alike are expected to make an energetic, firm impression with their handshake.


The German handshake, characterised by a very firm grip and extended duration, is likely to make British and American colleagues uncomfortable. Keep your grip firm and let go after about three seconds.

What to say

When introducing someone to someone

First address the person being introduced to, then introduce your colleague:

Hi, Gary / Good Morning Gary / Good Morning Mr Janson ...

I\'d like you to meet / I\'d like to introduce you to Meryl Bennett. She\'s the new controller in our fragrance division.

This is Harold Palmer, our new support contact at Jennifax Consulting.

Harold, this is Gary Simpson, our Vice President.

Ms Bennett, Mr Simpson, our Vice President.

Have you two met before?

Have you already met on the phone ?

When introducing someone to a group

Good morning, everyone, ...

I\'d like to introduce Annabel Reilly. She\'ll be joining our staff in September as a project manager.

Annabel, going around the table, I\'d like you to meet Mr Ferdis, our special projects manager; Audrey Smith, who is in charge of the marketing effort associated with our project; and Benjamin Aue, our senior management liaison.

Hi everyone, I\'d like you to meet Michael Stone. He\'s joining our team as a business communication trainer.

When you are the one being introduced to

It\'s very nice to meet you, Michael. How are you?

I\'m pleased to meet you, Annabel. I know we\'re all looking forward to working with you.

When being introduced

How are you? (This is the classic response to the question How are you?)

Fine, thanks, and you? (This is a common American response to How are you?. Be aware that this can lead to statements that negate the energy in the introduction.)

Responding to other statements: I\'m looking forward to the challenge.

I\'ve been looking forward to meeting you too. I hear you\'ve ...

I\'ve been looking forward to our meeting for weeks.

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, sich vorstellen auf Englisch, jemanden vorstellen auf Englisch, Englisch Vorstellung

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