Smalltalk auf Englisch
Englisch Smalltak - Smalltak auf Messen und Reisen, reden über Job und Familie, Urlaub, Sport und das Wetter. Fragen nach dem Befinden. Unterhalten auf Englisch.

Korrespondenz auf Englisch
englische Korrespondenz, englische Briefe verfassen, englische Angebote, englische Mahnbriefe, englische Weihnachtsgrüße, Beschwerdebriefe auf Englisch, Zahlen auf Englisch Korrespondenz

Geschäftsreise auf Englisch
Englisch für die Geschäftsreise, Englisch auf Reisen, Business-Englisch auf Geschäftsreisen, Englisch lernen für Geschäftsreisen

Telefonieren auf Englisch
Englisch Anrufbeantworter, Anruf entgegennehmen auf Englisch, Nachricht hinterlassen auf Englisch, Buchstabieren auf Englisch, Begrüßung auf Englisch

Meetings auf Englisch
Besprechungen auf Englisch, English for Meetings, Englisch für Meetings, Business English Meetings, Meetings in Englisch, Meetings Englisch, Business Englisch Meetings, englischsprachige Meetings

Grammatik auf Englisch
Englische Grammatik, Zeiten in Englisch, Indirekte Rede in Englisch, Präpositionen auf Englisch, englische Satzzeichen, Bedingungssätze auf Englisch, aktiv und passiv Englisch, Konditionalsätze auf Englisch


Meetings auf Englisch - Hinauszögern, Begründen, Abklären und Fragen stellen

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, Hinauszögern Englisch, Begründen Englisch, Abklären Englisch, Fragen stellen Englisch


On issues

I think we need more time to consider this.

Could we leave this until another date?

Could we set this issue aside for the moment
and come back to it later in the meeting?

I believe it would be wrong to make a
final decision at the moment.

I think we should postpone this decision
until ...

On answers

It isn’t easy to provide you with the
precise details.

It rather depends on the way you look at it.

We’re working on it at the moment, but...

It isn’t easy to weigh the advantages
and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to give
you an exact answer on that right now.

I’ll be able to provide you with accurate
information on Thursday.

That’s a very difficult question to
answer. The situation is very complex.
However, I can at least say that ...

I’ll get back to you next week with ...

... that answer.

... more/further details.

I’ll answer that question later on in the

I believe we may need to overhaul our
position on that.

I’d like to come back to that point in a


I have good reasons for suggesting
that we ...

I’m basing my opinion on the ...

What led me to this conclusion is the
information we received from/on/about
You’ll notice that the figures back up this

What first led me to this idea was ...

The basis for my opinion is ...

We have good reason to believe ...

We have every reason to believe ...


Asking for clarification

Could you reformulate that in simpler

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t quite follow you.

Could you explain that again?

What do you mean when you say ... ?

What do you mean by ... ?

Could you be more specific?

Could you please provide (us with) a bit
more detail on that?

Could you elaborate on that, please?

Could you expand on your first/second
point, please?

Do I understand you correctly? Are you
saying that ... ?

Could you recap the main points of your
argument for us?

Giving clarification


To make things crystal clear, ...

I’d be happy to.

To prevent any misunderstanding,
I’ll explain/put it another way.

My point is that ...

What I mean by that is ...

This means ...

To explain this in more detail ...

What I mean here is that ...

What I want to say is ...

I’d like to just clarify my last point.

In other/simpler terms, ...

If you want to look at it another way,
you could simply look at ...

Is that okay for you now?

To explain this in more detail ...

To put it briefly, ...

Have I made things clearer now?

I’d like to come back now to the issue of ...


I’d like to ask what ... ?

Could you explain what you
mean/meant by ... ?

What would you recommend?

What conclusions have you drawn ...

... from this information?

... about the current situation?
What do you have in mind for ... ?

What do you believe our next step
should be?

Are there any other factors that may be
critical to our decision?

It sounds like your proposed action could
put us in a bit of a pinch. Is that a possibility,
and if so, how do you suggest
we avoid it?

Why haven’t you raised this issue

Could you explain how you came to the
conclusion that ... ?

Could you review the precise details of

How have you progressed with that?

Could you give us more accurate
information about how ... ?

What is your opinion based on?

Why do you think that ... ?

Dos and Don’ts

If you’re attending

  • Unless you are asking a yes or no
    question, try to save requests for
    clarification or details until the speaker
    has presented his information in its

  • Avoid every temptation to force the
    speaker into a logical impasse, expose
    mistakes in his thinking or show
    other participants that you are better
    prepared. Such behaviour – which is
    surprisingly common – is extremely

If you’re chairing

  • To prevent the meeting from running
    over the allocated time, limit requests
    for clarification and detail. If necessary,
    suggest details be discussed in a
    separate meeting.

Schlagwörter: Meeting auf Englisch, Meetings auf Englisch, Englisch Meeting, Konferenz auf Englisch, Englisch Konferenz, Besprechung auf Englisch, Englisch Besprechung, Hinauszögern Englisch, Begründen Englisch, Abklären Englisch, Fragen stellen Englisch

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