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Englisch Smalltak - Smalltak auf Messen und Reisen, reden über Job und Familie, Urlaub, Sport und das Wetter. Fragen nach dem Befinden. Unterhalten auf Englisch.

Korrespondenz auf Englisch
englische Korrespondenz, englische Briefe verfassen, englische Angebote, englische Mahnbriefe, englische Weihnachtsgrüße, Beschwerdebriefe auf Englisch, Zahlen auf Englisch Korrespondenz

Geschäftsreise auf Englisch
Englisch für die Geschäftsreise, Englisch auf Reisen, Business-Englisch auf Geschäftsreisen, Englisch lernen für Geschäftsreisen

Telefonieren auf Englisch
Englisch Anrufbeantworter, Anruf entgegennehmen auf Englisch, Nachricht hinterlassen auf Englisch, Buchstabieren auf Englisch, Begrüßung auf Englisch

Meetings auf Englisch
Besprechungen auf Englisch, English for Meetings, Englisch für Meetings, Business English Meetings, Meetings in Englisch, Meetings Englisch, Business Englisch Meetings, englischsprachige Meetings

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Englische Grammatik, Zeiten in Englisch, Indirekte Rede in Englisch, Präpositionen auf Englisch, englische Satzzeichen, Bedingungssätze auf Englisch, aktiv und passiv Englisch, Konditionalsätze auf Englisch


Word Power

Most native English speakers think little about a non-native speaker who makes a mistake. On the contrary, the effort is usually appreciated and in most cases the native speaker will "get" ("verstehen", not "bekommen") what the person is trying to articulate. But if you'd like to walk away with a compliment (or is it complement?) about your command of English, "Make No Mistake About It" will help you avoid some of the typical pitfalls. Along the way we will also arm you with loads of idioms and buzzwords that will impress friends and colleagues.

False Friends

Simply put, false friends are words in different languages that sound similar, but have different meanings. Pseudo English

Pseudo English

is an expression that refers to words adopted by another language, but applied in a different way than in English.

Prospects for a good Prospekt

What's wrong with this sentence?

"The marketing department put together a very professional prospect for our new line of products." The English "prospect" means the possibility that something good might happen in the future (German = Aussicht, Perspektive) and should not be confused with the German "Prospekt," which translates to brochure or flyer in English: "

There seems to be little prospect of restoring power to the building anytime soon."

Prospect can also refer to a person who might be chosen, such as an employee or an athlete:

"We interviewed several outstanding prospects for the programming position."

"The club has many good prospects playing in the lower divisions at the moment."

Skurril criticism

While some criticism might be a little "skurril," in English we usually wouldn't describe it that way. The German skurril is equivalent to the English bizarre, strange or peculiar. The similar-sounding English adjective "scurrilous" is somewhat different however and is used in the context of expressing unfair or false criticism that is likely to damage someone's reputation (z.B. verleumderisch):

"The mayor said he was appalled at the scurrilous attacks on his character in the press."

Scurrilous can also refer to something that is considered improper or obscene, such as an offensive joke.

A genial Genie

The English and German words genial can be a real source of confusion. Does this sound sentence sound right to you?

"That was a genial idea."

What the person here wanted to say was, "That was a brilliant idea." Upon hearing this, an English native speaker would ponder why the idea was so "friendly," because in English genial means friendly or pleasant.

Also keep in mind that a brilliant idea would usually originate from a genius, not a genie, because the genie is that mysterious figure in the bottle that grants wishes - usually in threes; in other words, der Flaschengeist.

Pitfalls to avoid:

unter - which English word to use?

When you need a preposition in a foreign language, it's not unusual to be faced with too many options. German to English, and English to German is no exception. Take the German preposition unter for example. In English it can mean anything from among, below and beneath, to under.

Here is an overview for purposes of clarity:

under = unter Dingen, Einflüssen stehen (under the supervision of someone, under the influence of something). It can also identify the direction of movement (The ship sailed slowly under the bridge).

among - relates to the German unter anderem, zwischen (Don't worry, you're among friends).

below - unterhalb, unter einem Messwert (The fish swam just below the surface. His performance was below average).

beneath - while it can be used like below (The fish swam just beneath the surface), it is often used in a more figurative or literary sense (That kind of work is beneath me).

Complete the sentences using the correct preposition (some may have two answers)

1) She is______the best performing employees in the company.

2) As I was cleaning, I found five euros______my desk.

3) Please print your name______your signature.

4) Responding to comments is______my dignity.

5) He trained______the supervision of Bob Jones.

6) There were many unfamiliar faces______the crowd.

7) From atop this high building, the people______look very tiny.

8) Temperatures fell______zero during the night.

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