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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Fitness Talk

Schlagwörter: Fitness, English, Englisch, Smalltalk, Englisch lernen, Geschäftsenglisch

In the office
Malcolm: How are you settling in David?
David: Fine. The work is going well. Everyone’s being very helpful.
Malcolm: Are you still in the hotel?
David: Yes. They decided that I should stay there the whole time as I’ll only be over here for three months. It’s OK. The only problem is keeping fit when you’re eating out all the time!
Malcolm: What are you doing at the moment?
David: I go jogging most evenings for an hour or so. And I do some sit-ups and push-ups in the room. Malcolm: Wait a minute. Hasn’t anyone told you we have a company arrangement with a local gym? David: No they haven’t. They must have forgotten in the rush to get me settled in here.
Malcolm: Well we have a corporate membership for Bodyshape — a fitness centre not far from here. Look, I’ll take you there after work and register you if you like. David: Great!

The guided tour
Michelle ( member of staff at Bodyshape ): OK, as this is your first time here, let me show you round the place.
David: Thanks.
Michelle: Just through there is our cafe and juice bar. And on the right you can see our pool through those windows. There’s also a plunge pool attached to the sauna, which you’ll see later.
David: Can anyone come in and use these facilities?
Michelle: No. It’s members only. Ah, here’s the fitness studio. We have all the usual cardiovascular and resistance machines — running and rowing machines, exercise bikes — that sort of thing. And a variety of weight machines.
David: Can I get some help on where to start and what kind of programme would suit me?
Michelle: Sure. When we get back to Reception we can see if someone’s available to organize a personal fitness programme for you.
David: That sounds really good. Do you have sun-beds too?
Michelle: Yes we do — they’re just around here near the sauna.

In the sauna
Malcolm: Phew — what’s the temperature?
David: 95 degrees. Shall I turn the timer round so we don’t over-cook?
Malcolm: I’m cooking already. Thanks for dragging me along here. I really needed that workout. I’ve been too lazy for too long.
David: It’s nice to have the company. But you looked pretty fit to me.
Malcolm: I used to work out two or three days a week. But since this US project started I haven’t had the time. I used to go to classes here.
David: What kind of classes?
Malcolm: Circuit training. You know — short stations using all sorts of equipment to give you general fitness. David: Sounds good.
Malcolm: But what I really liked was ‘Boxercise’.
David: What on earth is that? Malcolm: It’s non-contact boxing training. You use punching bags and pads. It’s great fun. You should try it.
David: Sounds slightly dangerous.
Malcolm: Not at all. It’s great exercise. But if you are into something less dynamic, they do all sorts of yoga classes and Pilates too.
David: That sounds more like it for me. Look, the timer just finished — I’m off for a shower.

In the juice bar
Malcolm: Let’s see what they’ve got. I’m thirsty after all that exercise and the sauna.
David: They seem to have a huge range of mixed fruit juices. I think I’m going to have mango, passion fruit, and orange.
Malcolm: Very exotic! I’ll go for carrot, apple, and lime.
David: This is a nice little cafe — and it has a view over the pool, too.
Malcolm: Let’s sit here and relax. We deserve it.
David: In the sauna you were talking about the different classes they have here. Is there anything else that could be of interest to me?
Malcolm: Well there’s aerobiking — using the exercise bikes. It’s good fun to do it in a group. My girlfriend went for a year or so and really enjoyed it. They have classes at different fitness levels so you are in a group with a similar level to you.
David: Actually, that appeals to me. I’ll check it out in the Reception when we leave.
Malcolm: Don’t overdo it! You’ll be like Arnold Schwarzenegger by the time your three months are up!

Schlagwörter: Fitness, English, Englisch, Smalltalk, Englisch lernen, Geschäftsenglisch

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