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Englisch Smalltak - Smalltak auf Messen und Reisen, reden über Job und Familie, Urlaub, Sport und das Wetter. Fragen nach dem Befinden. Unterhalten auf Englisch.

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Englisch Anrufbeantworter, Anruf entgegennehmen auf Englisch, Nachricht hinterlassen auf Englisch, Buchstabieren auf Englisch, Begrüßung auf Englisch

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Small Talk - So führen Sie ein Gespräch erfolgreich

Schlagwörter: Obet, Englisch lernen, Meetings, Gespräche führen, Business Trainer

1. Understand the meeting goals and agenda items

The high-level goals need to be stated clearly when the meeting begins. “Today we need to decide on our team’s priorities over the next six months.” Each item on the agenda is then clearly defined.

“Item 2 – Improving internal communication. The aim of this item is to brainstorm ideas for improving our internal communication when working as a remote team. And then to choose the two or three best ideas and decide when and how to implement them.”

2. Keep the agenda on track

This means keeping participants from speaking off point and bringing the discussion back to the matter at hand.

“Sorry Mike, perhaps we could get back to the main issue here.” “Can I just interrupt you here? I’m not sure this is relevant to the question we are discussing.”.

3. Maintain control, limit conflict

As discussion leader, you need to prevent conflict from interrupting the flow of the meeting. This involves dealing with conflict between participants.

“Frank, Sara, please! Let’s get back to the meeting.” “I’m sorry Frank, Sara. Can we park this discussion and come back to it later?”

4. Ask open questions to stimulate discussion

Open questions allow participants to share their experience, opinions and feelings more freely.

“What’s your feeling about this?” “Why do you think that?”

5. Encourage participation

Your role is to make sure everyone is involved........

“Let’s go round the table and get everyone’s views on this." Get the quiet ones involved as well: “John. What’s been your experience here?"

And it involves motivating participants to contribute.

“We’ve come up with some good suggestions so far.

Let’s have a few more.”

You also need to help participants feel that their contributions are respected. “That’s a good idea.” “That’s an interesting thought.”

6. Check participants’ understanding

This is especially important in international meetings where there may be a range of language skills.

“Are we all clear about what Mike is suggesting here?” “Let me just put Sara’s proposal in other words to make sure all of us understand it correctly.”

7. Summarize

Normally, the key to successful discussion leadership is how well you can make regular, short summaries of the discussion. Again, this is vital in international meetings.

“Let me just sum up where we’ve got so far.” “To summarize, I think we are in agreement on.......” “Let me just go over the main points again.”

8. State your opinion last

If you genuinely want an open discussion, then let everyone else express their views before you share yours. This is important if you have higher status than some of the other participants.

If you keep these eight points in mind, it will help you lead your next international meeting even more effectively. But success is not guaranteed – that’s up to you and your fellow participants!

Schlagwörter: Obet, Englisch lernen, Meetings, Gespräche führen, Business Trainer

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