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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Nach dem Wochenende fragen

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Wochenende, auf Englisch über das Wochenende sprechen, Wochenende englisch, Small-Talk Wochenende in englisch, How was your weekend?

Every now and then you’ll be speaking with someone and want to make small talk, but the right subject matter doesn’t seem to spring to mind. You could ask about the weather, but that’s very impersonal and for most people rather boring. In this case, many will choose to ask about how the other person’s weekend was. Or, if you’re telephoning on Friday, what a person will be doing.

Here are a few phrases you can use to streamline your English and make a good impression when conversing on this subject. Be aware, however, that asking a native English speaker about his or her weekend can also be tricky business. You’ll fnd information on this further below.

Useful Friday phrases
So ...
What do you have planned for the weekend?
Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?
How wi l you be spending the weekend ?
I hear we’re/you’re expecting nice weather this weekend. Are you planning to make the most of it?
What wi l you be doing this weekend?

Beware of your wording, however. The fol¬lowing, similar phrase sets the expectation that you wish to invite your conversation partner to do something with you. This may not be so well-received, and may sound even more strange if it’s not followed by an invitation.

Are you doing anything this weekend ?

Useful Monday phrases
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything over the weekend?
Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?
I hear you had great weather over the weekend. Did you make the most of it?

Responding on the subject yourself
It’s of course very possible that someone may enquire about your weekend. In this case, you need to be ready with a re¬sponse. At the beginning of each Friday or Monday, or at the latest before you pick up the phone to call someone, it’s helpful to pre-formulate what you’ll ask or what you’ say on this subject so that you can re¬spond strongly and confdently. Keep your response positive, active and complete. Short answers like Not much and Noth¬ing are likely to send signals that you are simultaneously uninteresting and unable to engage in friendly conversation.

On Friday
I’ll be visiting friends/relatives/my family/my girl friend/my boyfriend in Munich.
Yes, my husband and I have planned to spend the weekend skiing in Northern Italy. It should be quite fun.
And you?
I’ll be at home this weekend taking care of things around the house.
I’ve been travelling a lot lately so I thought I’d relax at home this weekend and perhaps do a bit of gardening.

On Monday
It was fantastic, thanks for asking.
We spent the whole weekend at a water-park resort in the South of France. It was a lot of fun.
Yes, the weather was really nice. We spent a lot of time outdoors.
We spent a lot of time doing odd jobs around the house and in the garden. There was a lot to be done!
Fine, thanks. And yours?

Careful: You might be treading on thin ice!
Unfortunately, because asking about someone’s weekend is so easy to do, the topic is often used too often. If you’re fac¬ing one of the following situations, consider using a different small-talk theme:

  1. When you believe your conversation
    partner may likely be asked this ques¬
    tion a lot in the course of the day, or
    may be in a position where he or she
    poses the “How was your weekend?”
    question a lot.

    People who do a lot of telephone work with a set number of customers, for example, may not greet the weekend theme with enthusiasm - mostly be¬cause they use it so often themselves. For them, it may sound more like a tool than friendly conversation.

  2. Colleagues you know casually who work
    in the same offce as you.

    Using the weekend small-talk theme
    every week with people in your office
    – especially while walking around large,
    open work areas – may lead people to
    brand you as a dolt. This is because
    every office environment usually has
    someone who walks around asking
    others about their weekends simply
    so they can talk about their own. The
    theme is a special favourite of such individuals
    because it requires absolutely
    no creativity or knowledge about the
    other person to be useful. And because
    everyone knows this is one of the cold,
    hard facts of office life, you’ll look like
    one of these “characters” and may be
    branded as being one yourself.

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Wochenende, auf Englisch über das Wochenende sprechen, Wochenende englisch, Small-Talk Wochenende in englisch, How was your weekend?

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