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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk auf einer Messe

Schlagwörter: Smalltak Englisch auf Messe, Englisch für die Messe, Englisch auf der Messe, Englisch sprechen Messe, Englische Messe,

Small talk has a small and yet essential function in almost every aspect of business. But nowhere will small talk be so often used as at a tradeshow, conference or similar industry- specific event. Imagine: hundreds, or even thousands (or even tens of thousands) of press personnel, exhibitors, attendees and exhibition hall visitors, all gathered together to hear the latest news, tune into the newest trends and newest products, to find new customers or new suppliers, and to learn from industry experts. People meeting people in keynote addresses, talks, break-out sessions, birds-of-a-feather sessions and hands-on workshops. Each making a bit of small talk with every other person they meet. That's a lot of talking!

Small talk is not only essential at these gatherings, it's expected, and it's a significant part of all of the talking that takes place. In one case, this was taken to the extreme: one post-event news report about the last Comdex show in 2003 was humorously entitled 'Electronics Show All Small Talk'! The event, second in size only to the German CeBIT, was subsequently and indefinitely postponed because its regular major exhibitors - claiming a lack of quality and high costs - backed out.

Needless to say, if you'll be attending any trade event, whether large or small, it will pay to sharpen your small talk skills. Luckily, people at an event always have something to do, so meetings with other people are generally brief. This means you only need to learn a few event-specific ice-breakers to be reasonably good at making small talk.

The nature of event small talk
At a tradeshow, small talk is limited almost entirely to making observations and asking questions about the event itself. Under the covers, a tradeshow is a forum for everyone to trumpet their achievements: about their products, their employers, themselves. If you listen closely, you'll hear people having conversations in which no one listens and everyone finds a way to say what's important to them. Because good listeners are in the minority, you'll have everyone's attention if you forget about yourself entirely and focus on asking other people for their thoughts and opinions.
To get started, think of a question that directly asks your partner for his opinion about some part of the event. Develop this line of questioning further. If it seems like there's not much left to discuss, you can wrap it up with a simple "Well, it's been nice speaking with you. Enjoy the show!" If you want to keep things going, change the subject and use the following standard small talk phrases. They can be used to break the ice further in almost any situation:

Who do you work for?
What do you do there? Do you find the work rewarding?
Where are you based?
What are your lunch/dinner plans?
Would you like to
... catch a bite to eat with me?
... have a coffee/drink with me before
... the next sessions start?
... we head off for the day?

While sitting in lounges and restaurants, you can turn to more traditional small talk themes after you've broken the ice.

Small talk for attendees

With people you meet in general
Hi, how are you?
I didn't know you'd be here too!
It's nice to see you again!
What brings you to the show/conference/ event?
Have you attended any interesting sessions?
Have you heard any interesting talks?
Did you attend the keynote address?
Have you seen any interesting exhibitors?
Why did you find it/them interesting?
What did you think?

With people you meet in sessions
I've really been looking forward to this keynote/talk/session.

Are you
... working in this area at the moment?
... working with this product/ technology at the moment?
... dealing with these issues at the moment?
Do you have any experience with this product/these products?
I attended Margot Klein?s talk about ... yesterday/last year/at the last show, and it was really interesting. Have you heard her talk before?
I have to say, that was a great keynote address/talk.
Well, that wasn?t as interesting as I'd hoped it would be.
What did you think?
We've had great success with/been facing some real challenges with/really struggling to get our arms around
... this technology.
... this approach.
... these products/services.
... how to ...
How has your company been faring?

With people you meet in hands-on workshops
I just can't seem to get a handle on this step of the process. Can you give me a few pointers?
This is my first experience with this product/material/concept. Have you been working with it/this for awhile?

With exhibitors
Hi! (Introductions are unnecessary).
Your logo/bullet about .../customer reference there caught my eye.
We're trying to/We need to ...
Can you tell me a bit about
... what you do?
... your products/offerings/company?
... Product?
I didn't see you guys at this show last year. Have you been doing this for awhile now?
Can you tell me a bit about the successes you?ve had?
Who are your other customers?
Where is your company based?
Do you live there? How do you like it?
Do you do a lot of these shows/events?
I'm not really interested in your products/ solutions, but could I have one of those t-shirts/pens/... ?
What do I have to do to get one of those ... ?

With speakers
Oh yes, you spoke the first day of the show/the day before yesterday/yesterday/ earlier today.
I really enjoyed your keynote/presentation!
I couldn't go, but I heard it was great!
I attended.
You did a great job!
I was riveted to my chair the whole time!
I found it very informative/useful/helpful.
Will you be speaking again?
Do you often speak at these shows?
Do you enjoy it?
Where are you based?
Do you like it there?

Small talk for exhibitors
Exhibiting at an event is one of the best ways companies can learn what's going on in its industry all at once, take a peak at the competition and of course - and most importantly - meet potential new customers. Costs are high, so it's important to maximise the value of every encounter.

When someone visits your booth, he wants information. He doesn't want to be sold. As a general rule, most people will avoid stopping at a booth out of the fear of sales pressure. To achieve the highest success rate with visitors, it's crucial to focus on being friendly, ask the visitor about himself and his responsibilities, and to find ways to lead him to ask you for information about your products and services. Sell without selling, and you'll be remembered.

About booth visitors
Booth visitors are the life blood of an event. For this reason, it's vital to learn about each visitor's interests, responsibilities and goals before explaining what your company offers. This lets you portray your company's offerings in a way that is compelling for the visitor.

Responding to initial visitor questions
Yes, I'd be happy to explain a little about
... what we do.
... our products/services/solutions.
... our methodology/approach/vision.
... what we can offer.
Are you more interested in ..., or in ... ?

Learning about the visitor's interests
What are you trying to accomplish?
Are you currently working with other products/technologies/solutions in this area?
Are you currently working with Product?
What are your challenges (with them)?
What has been your experience with ... ?
What kind of products/services/solutions are you looking for?

Responding, and asking the visitor to ask you for information
I see.
Could you tell me a bit more about ...?
OK, then.
Maybe I should start with a little about
..., and then focus a bit on how we can address your needs.
I'd like to start with a very brief overview of
... our products/services.
... our methodology/approach.
... what we offer.
Would that be helpful?
Does that sound OK?
Does this make sense?
Have I hit the mark?
Would you like a demo?
Could I show you a few examples?
Does this raise any questions?

Qualifying the visitor
Who do you work for?
What do you do there?
Where are you based?
What are your responsibilities?
Are you looking to make a purchase/address your requirements soon?
What is your timeframe?
Are you the decision maker?
Will you be influencing the decision?
Who is the decision maker?

At the appropriate time in your conversation, a bit of event-related small talk helps demonstrate your interest in your visitor's opinions and creates a warm, memorable experience the visitor will associate with your company:

What brings you to the show/ conference/event?
Have you attended any interesting sessions?
Have you heard any interesting talks?
Did you attend the keynote address?
Have you seen any interesting exhibitors?
Why did you find it/them interesting?
What did you think?

Saying goodbye
Could I give you a brochure/a few materials to take with you?
Could I have your business card?
Could I scan your badge into our visitor database?
Well, I'd like to thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy the show!

Schlagwörter: Smalltak Englisch auf Messe, Englisch für die Messe, Englisch auf der Messe, Englisch sprechen Messe, Englische Messe,

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