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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk im Schnee

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk im Schnee, Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk über Wintersport, Skiurlaub, Skilaufen, Schnee

Every winter, the population divides into two groups: those who like the season of snow and ice, and those who’d rather dispense with all the equipment and stay warm. Lovers of winter weather go walking, skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding. More offbeat winter sports like ice yachting, kite skiing and wok racing are also gaining in popularity. Whether traditional or extreme, winter recreational activities and sports are an excellent small talk topic in any country.

Asking about someone’s winter sport interests

Asking what people do in their free time is an excellent way to get them to open up and create a more informal bond.

Do you do a lot of skiing this time of year?
What do you do for sport this time of year?
Are you into any extreme sports?

If your conversation partner for one reason or another doesn’t seem to be the sporting type, you can still ask about what people do in his or her country, region or city:

What kinds of sports do people do around Copenhagen in winter?

Asking about what the area has to offer

Can you recommend a good place to go snowboarding?
Are there any good ski resorts nearby?
Are there any winter sports your area is famous for?
I’m staying for the weekend and would like to see what kind of winter sport activities your area has to offer. Can you recommend anything?
Is there any place in the area where I could go snowmobiling?

Responding with interest

Really? I do a lot of skiing myself, actually.
That’s really interesting. I’ve never been snowboarding myself. What’s it like?
How is it different from skiing?
What do you like about it the most?
Do a lot of people do that around here?
Isn’t that an extreme sport?
Are you good at it?
How often do you go?
Can you really do that year round?

Talking about your winter sport interests

I like to go skiing.
My wife and I head down to Bear Mountain for skiing every week.
I’m into snowboarding. I go every weekend.
I take my kids ice skating every weekend. They’re pretty good, but I still need to use a penguin.
I’m a member of the local cross-country skiing club. We usually go out every weekend.
I prefer indoor sports myself, especially tennis.
I’m not much into winter sports, but my kids tell me I build a wicked snowman.
I like to play basketball.
I like to ski too, but I’m still what you’d call a beginner.
I’m not much into winter sports. I prefer indoor sports like volleyball and tennis.
I jog year round.
I like to go mountain biking. I especially like biking in the snow.

Talking about sporting events

Does Liverpool have its own ice hockey team?
Why don’t we meet in the bar to watch the ice skating championships?
What’s the score?
How much time is left in the game?

Would you like to?

Would you like to go for a long walk in the forest this weekend?
Why don’t you meet us for the weekend at Fire Mountain? We can take in some skiing during the day and head to the Jacuzzi to decompress afterwards.
I’d be happy to show you how. Are you free on Saturday?

Winter sport names
German - English

Schlittschuhfahren - ice skating
Skihütte - ski lodge
Eiskunstlaufen - figure skating
Rodelbahn - luge
Langlaufen - cross-country skiing
Loipe - cross-country ski run
Schlittenfahren - tobogganing, sledging
Schlitten - sledge
Ski-Auftakt - ski-season kickoff
Schanze - ski jump
Abfahrt - downhill skiing
Skipiste/Skiabfahrt - ski run/ski slope
Pistenpräpariermaschine - grooming machine
Skistock - ski pole
Skibrille - skiing goggles
Pflugbogen - nowplough turn

Ski season training

Here are a few humorous ways to train properly in advance for a weekend on the slopes:

Buy a new pair of expensive ski gloves and immediately throw one of them away.

Go to your local fast food restaurant, wait in the longest line, and insist on paying 10 euros for an order of chips ( Pommes ).
Whenever you find yourself driving in a snowstorm and you notice an eighteen-wheeler on the road, be sure to pull into the lane behind it and follow it for at least three hours.
If you feel like you have to pee, quickly put on at least three layers of clothing before you go to the toilet.

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk im Schnee, Smalltalk auf Englisch - Smalltalk über Wintersport, Skiurlaub, Skilaufen, Schnee

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