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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Sport Smalltalk

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Sport, über Sport reden auf Englisch, englische Sportausdrücke, Sport auf Englisch, englische Sportausdrücke

It's a fact of life: people like to do business with friends. Unfortunately, when it comes to working with business colleagues in the US or UK, developing a friend-like relationship may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Luckily it's really no different than developing a relationship with your next-door neighbour. It starts (and often ends!) with small talk.

In the Western World, the topic of sports is a common interest that many share. Asking your conversation partner about his or her sports interests or about recent sporting events is a good way to start and hold a good conversation without ever having to get into personal territory. Choosing sports as a topic for small talk has a number of advantages:

  • Most sports enthusiasts consider sports to be a matter of international interest - people won't be surprised to hear you share the same interests even though you're far away

  • Most people attend sporting events with their best friends - communicating on this topic thus leaves a "like a good friend" impression

  • Talking sports is easy - you don't need to be brilliant or pressure yourself into thinking up witty small talk conversations; simply asking about someone's interests is enough to be successful. You only need to be nice!

Making small talk about sports
Like any other small talk, you're either the one starting the conversation or responding.

If you're on the responding side, things are easier. Because you're in Germany, chances are your partner will only ask about your interest in sporting events that are truly international: the Tour de France for example, or the Berlin Marathon.

If you're the conversation starter, it's helpful to do a bit of research before your conversation. A quick visit to a Web site providing information about a specific sporting event (a sponsor's site or national news service) will usually provide you with plenty of raw material for your chat.

To help make things easier, we've assembled a few of the most common phrases people use to make sports small talk. On the next page you'll find a calendar of the most important sporting events that will be of interest to most of the people in the UK and in the US.

Before your next international conversation, take a moment to review the calendar and a few of the starter phrases to make sure you're prepared to build your friendly relationship a bit deeper!

And remember: as with all small talk, your goal is to keep the conversation going. Avoid short answers that don't say anything about yourself, and focus on questions that get the other person to talk about himself!

Initiating the conversation

Are you interested in [SportName]?

Have you been following (the) [Event- Name] the last few days?

I noticed this morning that (the) [Event- Name] will be taking place / starting tomorrow/next week / next month. Do you follow the games / [SportName]?

I know next to nothing about [Sport- Name]. Do you follow it? What interests you about it?

Getting Deeper

Who do you think will win?

Who are you hoping will win?

What did you think of that play by [Athlete]?

That [action] by [Athlete] last night was really something.

Oh really?

Are you a die-hard [SportName] fan?

Do you go to the games or watch them on television?

Do you do much/play [SportName] yourself?

Where did you learn to...?

How often do you...?

Is [SportName] popular in your area?

No? What is the most popular sport in your area?

What do you think of [SportName]? Have you seen how [Country] plays? They're really quite good.

What sports are you interested in?

In the conversation

Well, I thought that decision was pretty unfair.

I thought the situation was hopeless, but they managed to pull it off in the end!

We knew it was all over when...

The whole place flipped out/went silent. We couldn't believe it!

[SportName] is my favourite sport.

I play it or watch it every chance I get.

In fact my family/my friends and I have tickets to the upcoming match/game between ... and...

We buy season tickets every year.

When you have to say No

Well, I don't really follow [SportName], my main interest is [SportName].

Is there something exciting going on now? What?

[SportName] isn't very popular here, but many people watch it on television.

I follow the games every year, but I'm afraid I donÄt know much about the players/ the team's history.

Major UK/US Sporting Events 2007

June 2007
1-2 June 2007 Horse Racing Epsom Derby & Oaks Meeting
6 June 2007 Football Faroe Islands v Scotland (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
7-10 June 2007 Golf LPGA Championship
7-11 June 2007 Cricket 3rd NPower Test v West Indies
9 June 2007 Horse Racing Belmont Stakes
11-17 June 2007 Tennis Stella Artois Tennis Championship
14-17 June 2007 Golf Open: Men's Golf Championship
15-19 June 2007 Cricket 4th NPower Test v West Indies
17 June 2007 Motor Racing United States Grand Prix
23 June 2007 Yachting America's Cup begins
26 June 2007- 8 Jul 2007 Tennis Wimbledon Tennis Championships
28,29 June 2007 Cricket 20/20 Matches England v West Indies
28 June 2007 - 1 Jul 2007 Golf Women's Open

July 2007
1 July 2007 Golf LPGA Tournament at Pine Needles
1,4,7 July 2007 Cricket 1 Day Internationals England v West Indies
4-8 July 2007 Rowing Henley Royal Regatta
5-8 July 2007 Golf US Senior Open
6-8 July 2007 Motor Racing The British Grand Prix
7 July 2007 Motor Racing Pepsi 400
7-29 July 2007 Cycling Tour de France
13-29 July 2007 Olympic XV Pan American Games
19-22 July 2007 Golf 136th Open Golf Championship
19-23 July 2007 Cricket 1st NPower Test v India
19-23 July 2007 Horse Racing Royal Ascot
27-31 July 2007 Cricket 2nd NPower Test v India
29 July 2007 Motor Racing AllState 400
31 July 2007 - 4 Aug 2007 Horse Racing Glorious Goodwood

August 2007
2-5 August 2007 Golf Women's British Open at St Andrew's
4 August 2007 Cricket 20/20 Finals Day England v India
5 August 2007 Am Football NFL Preseason kick-off Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints
9-12 August 2007 Golf PGA Championship
9-13 August 2007 Cricket 3rd NPower Test v India
12 August 2007 Racing NASCAR NEXTEL Cup
18-26 August 2007 Hockey EuroHockey Championships
21,24,27,30 August 2007 Cricket 1 Day Internationals England v India
25 August 2007 Rugby Challenge Cup Final
27 August 2007 - 9 Sep 2007 Tennis US Open

September 2007
2,5,8 September 2007 Cricket 1 Day Internationals England v India
7-20 September 2007 Rugby World Cup
8 September 2007 Football Scotland v Lithuania (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
9-15 September 2007 Cycling Tour of Britain
12 September 2007 Football France v Scotland (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
6-10 September 2007 Am Football NFL (National Football League) Opening Weekend
29 September 2007 Hockey NHL (National Hockey League) season opens Anaheim Ducks v Los Angeles Kings in London

October 2007
4-7 October 2007 Golf Senior Player's Championship
7 October 2007 Marathon Chicago Marathon
7 October 2007 Horse Racing Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
11-14 October 2007 Golf World Match Play Championship
15-31 October 2007 Baseball World Series Games
16-17 October 2007 Golf PGA Grand Slam
28 October 2007 Am Football NFL Kick-off: NY Giants v Miami Dolphins in London

November 2007
4 November 2007 Marathon New York City Marathon
17 November 2007 Football Scotland v Italy (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
17 November 2007 Football Wales v Republic of Ireland (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
21 November 2007 Football England v Croatia (Euro 2008 Qualifier)
26 November 2007 Tennis Davis Final Cup
18 November 2007 Motor Racing Final NASCAR race

Here's a quick rundown of the major sporting events for the rest of 2007 that are of interest to your conversation partners in the UK and in the US. The list is by no means complete. For more information, visit the Web sites listed below.

If a colleague in the UK or US starts a sports-related small talk conversation, you can be sure they will probably be asking about a large, international event: the Tour de France, the Berlin Marathon, the Olympics.

Imagine the pleasant shock you'd feel if one of them asked you about last night's Budesliga game! That would really get a good conversation going, and your relationship with your partner would most likely develop quite quickly.

Why not try this conversation-starting tactic in reverse? All it takes is a little up-front research. The rewards may be worth it!

For complete lists of sporting events visit:



Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Sport, über Sport reden auf Englisch, englische Sportausdrücke, Sport auf Englisch, englische Sportausdrücke

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