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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Wie war Ihr Urlaub?

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Urlaub, Urlaubsausdrücke auf Englisch, Urlaub auf Englisch, Urlaubsbegriffe in englisch, englische Urlaubsausdrücke, alles über den Urlaub auf Englisch

Asking someone about a past or upcoming
holiday is an excellent small-talk
technique for building personal rapport
during the initial-contact stage or with
colleagues you speak with regularly.

Surprisingly, many people feel tongue-tied
after they've asked where their conversation
partner spent his or her holiday. Without
being prepared with a number of follow-on
questions that show you are truly listening
and interested, the rest of a holiday conversation
can become quickly mundane.

Here is a collection of holiday-related
small-talk questions that will help you be
ready with the right questions during your
next conversation.

Getting the conversation going
Holidays in the past

Weren't you on holiday last month?
What did you do for your summer holiday?
Where did you take your summer holiday
this year?
Did you take any vacation time during the
Memorial Day holiday weekend? (for US

Holidays in the future

Have you got any upcoming holiday/vacation
Won't you be on holiday next month?
Will you be taking a summer holiday this
year? What have you planned?
Where will you be taking your summer
holiday this year?
Will you be taking any time off during
the July 4th holiday weekend? (for US

Follow-on questions

Oh! Do you do a lot of skiing/hiking/
Isn't Edinburgh known for its ... ?
Is that something you do every year?
Really? That's an unusual destination.
What led you to decide to go there?
Oh, that's interesting!
Have you done that before?

In the past

What did you do?
Where did you go?
How long were you there?
Did you have any memorable moments?
How was the weather? Isn't it really
snowy/hot /rainy/humid there that time
of year?
That's quite a distance. How was the trip?
Did you find time to see the Eiffel Tower?
What was your impression of the city/
people /restaurants?
Did you visit anyone there, or was your
trip purely for sightseeing/sport?
What would you say was the highpoint
of your trip?
Would you go back again?
Does that mean you returned completely
relaxed and ready for hard work?

In the future

What will you be doing?
Where will you be going?
How long will you be away ?
That's quite a distance. How will you be
getting there?
What do you plan to do while you are there?
Will you be visiting anyone there, or will your
trip be purely for sightseeing /sport?
What do you believe will be the highpoint
of the trip?
What part of the trip are you looking
forward to most?

Tying up the conversation

One of the most important aspects of tying
up a holiday conversation is to let your
conversation partner know that what he or
she said sounded very interesting:

That sounds really fantastic. Maybe I
should consider going there sometime.
That sounds really exciting. I'll have to
give you a call again when you're back to
find out how your trip was.
I have to admit I'm quite jealous. ...
... Your holiday sounds like it was
really something special!
... Your holiday plans sound really
unique and exciting!
Have a good time!

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Urlaub, Urlaubsausdrücke auf Englisch, Urlaub auf Englisch, Urlaubsbegriffe in englisch, englische Urlaubsausdrücke, alles über den Urlaub auf Englisch

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