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Smalltalk auf Englisch - Wie wurden Sie ausgebildet?

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Schulbildung, englische Schulabschlüsse, englische Universitätsabschlüsse, amerikanische Schulabschlüsse, amerikanische Universitätsabschlüsse, Schulnoten England, Schulnoten USA

University degrees in England and in the US have long been quite different from those offered in Germany. This is only now beginning to change as Germany reforms its degree system to conform to what has grown to become an international standard.

Until the international degree system becomes more uniform, it\'s useful to know which degrees are commonly granted outside Germany and how people talk about them.


In general, the following system has become the internationally recognised standard:

Associates degree: A two-year degree, usually focused on a vocational area of study. No dissertation is required.

Bachelor\'s degree: A three- or four-year undergraduate degree, usually focused primarily in one academic area of study ( the major ), with a secondary focus in a related area ( the minor ). No dissertation is required.

Master\'s degree: A post-graduate (meaning higher than a Bachelor\'s) degree concentrating on one area of academic interest and often including dissertation work. The duration one must study for a Master\'s degree can vary from 1-3 years depending on subject, school and country.

Doctor\'s ( or Doctoral ) degree: A postgraduate degree involving concentrated study and development of a hypothesis. The degree is awarded after the student has written a dissertation supporting or proving the hypothesis and has defended his results before a panel of peers and experts. The total time required to obtain a Doctor\'s degree can range from three years to decades depending on subject area, topic, school and country. This is one of the most advanced degrees offered by educational institutions.

Regional differences

In England, Bachelor\'s degrees are normally extended \"with honours\". This is a ranking of the student\'s performance compared to the entire class. Honours are divided into First, Second and Third classes. Second class honours are additionally divided into Upper division and Lower division honours. Students who do not meet the standards for receiving honours are often extended a \"pass degree\", which is without honours. If you\'re hiring and honours are not mentioned on the applicant\'s resume, be sure to ask.

In the US, honours are extended only to a very few - usually only the best 1% of a graduating class, and usually only to those graduating with a Bachelor\'s degree. Summa cum laude ( with highest honour ) is quite rare. Magna cum laude ( with great honour ) is only slightly more common. Both are approximately equivalent to the British First class honours.

In England, the Associates degree is called the Foundation degree.


Abbrev ( Country ): Description

AA ( US ): Associate of Arts degree

AS ( US ): Associate of Science degree

Fd ( UK ): Foundation degree
-> Common degrees are FdA (Foundation degree in Arts), FdEng ( Engineering), FdBus ( Business), FdSc (Science), FdTech, FdMus and so on.

BA ( UK, US ): Bachelor of Arts degree

BS, BSc ( UK, US ): Bachelor of Science degree

MA ( UK, US ): Master of Arts degree

MS, MSc ( UK, US ): Master of Science degree

MBA ( UK, US ): Master of Business Administration

MFA ( UK, US ): Master of Fine Arts

LLM ( UK ): Master of Law

LLD ( UK ): Doctor of Law

JD ( US ): Doctor of Law

PhD ( UK, US ): Doctor of Philosophy

MD ( UK, US ): Doctor of Medicine

There are regional differences in the way universities refer to their degrees. In the UK, for example, there are separate abbreviations for nearly every subject area: MArch ( Masters of Architecture ), MEd (Masters of Education), ScD, MD and so on.

In the US and Canada, the subject area usually follows the degree:

BA in Education or BA Education

In the UK, honours are indicated as follows:

BA ( hons ), MEd ( hons )

Asking about someone\'s education

Where were you educated?

What year( s ) did you graduate?

What year( s ) did you complete your studies and with which degrees?

What did you study?

How long did you study?

What did you major in?/What was your major?

What did you minor in?/What was your minor?

What was the subject of your dissertation ? Was it published?

What was the most challenging aspect of your post-graduate studies?

What was your cumulative grade point average ( CGPA )?

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk Englisch Schulbildung, englische Schulabschlüsse, englische Universitätsabschlüsse, amerikanische Schulabschlüsse, amerikanische Universitätsabschlüsse, Schulnoten England, Schulnoten USA

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