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Smallkalk auf Englisch - Küchentalk

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk auf Englisch, Smalltalk Englisch, Kompliment Englisch, Kompliment auf Englisch, Englisch Kompliment

Maybe you’ve been invited to an English home for a dinner party, or maybe you’re entertaining an American visitor in your home. Either way, your evening is sure to involve excellent wine, fine dining and a bit of time informally chatting in the kitchen. You and your guest may even be working together to put the final touches on the meal. Do you know how to speak about what needs to be done?

Knowing your way around

The wine glasses are in the cupboard ( Oberschrank ) just over there.

Yes – the second one from the left.

No – the one next to the wall.

Above or below?

Would you mind getting the salad bowl ( Salatschüssel ) for me?

Please help yourself to a glass of wine. The bottle is just over there on the worktop ( Arbeitsplatte .

It’s in the cabinet ( Unterschrank ) behind you, the door on the left.

It’s in the cabinet at the end, in the middle drawer ( Schublade ).

Oh! Would you quickly turn the tap ( H ahn ) on for me so I can run over and rinse this off?

Would you like to set the table? The crockery ( Geschirr ) is in the drawer behind you and the glasses are just above in the cupboard.


The main appliances ( Geräte ) in the kitchen are:

  • Refrigerator ( Kühlschrank )

  • Oven ( Ofen )

  • Cooker ( BE ) ( Herd )

  • Stove ( AE ) ( Herd )

  • Range ( AE ) ( Herd )

  • Dishwasher ( Geschirrspüler )

  • Microwave oven ( Mikrowelle )

  • Toaster

  • Liquidiser ( BE ) ( Standmixer )

  • Blender ( AE ) ( Standmixer )

  • Mixer ( Handrührer)

There are so many types of pots and pans and so many various kitchen implements that it’s impossible to cover them all here. Here are the most important from the category pots and pans:

  • Saucepan ( Kochtopf )

  • Frying pan ( Bratpfanne )

  • Skillet ( Bratpfanne )

  • Kettle ( Wasserkessel )

  • Teapot ( Teekanne )

  • Sieve ( Sieb )

  • Strainer ( Sieb )

  • Colander ( AE ) ( Sieb)

  • Baking tin ( Backblech )

  • Spring-clip tin ( BE ) ( Springform )

  • Springform pan ( AE ) ( Springform )
Here are the most important from the category implements:

  • Cooking spoon ( Kochlöffel )

  • Spatula ( Pfannenwender )

  • Tin opener ( Dosenöffner )

  • Knife ( Messer )

  • Whisk ( Schneebesen )

  • Cutlery ( Besteck )

  • Aluminium foil ( Alufolie )

  • Cling film ( Frischhaltefolie )
A kitchen cliché

The expression everything but the kitchen sink ( Spüle ) means “everything one can think of, including things that may not be needed, purely for the sake of having them”. Example:

When Catherine goes out to dinner, she orders everything but the kitchen sink.

Every time John goes to the do-it-yourself store, he always buys everything but the kitchen sink. ( And yes, in this case, the remark can be used even if one of the things he buys is a kitchen sink! )

Schlagwörter: Smalltalk auf Englisch, Smalltalk Englisch, Kompliment Englisch, Kompliment auf Englisch, Englisch Kompliment

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