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Telefonieren auf Englisch - Wie geht es Ihrer Firma?

Schlagwörter: Telefonieren auf Englisch, Englisch Telefonieren, Englisch Telephoning, Englisch am Telefon, Telefon Englisch, Anruf Englisch, Anrufe Englisch, Anruf Englisch Smalltalk

Anyone who has regular telephone contact with international colleagues is sure to be faced with the need to engage in small talk on the subject of the current financial crisis.

It's not just a matter of responding to questions about your company's financial health. That's difficult enough in itself. You may also be required to listen and respond to your conversation partner's observations about the crisis, and this may include discussing his or her difficult financial situation, insecure feelings or upcoming layoff.

Here are a few phrases and tips that will help you avoid becoming tongue-tied in such awkward conversations.

About the financial health of your company

What you might hear

So, how has business been lately?

I imagine things have been difficult at MegaCorp as well.

Has your company experienced a significant falloff in business?

How you might respond

Well, I have to admit that business isn't booming like it was. The boom times seem to be over for everyone, at least for awhile. But we don't seem to be experiencing the negative downturn others in the industry are now facing. I'd say the atmosphere here has remained quite positive.

We have noticed a falloff in enquiries, of course, like everyone else, but our management team doesn't seem to be sweating it. Everyone seems confident our existing customer relationships will carry us safely through the recession.

We've of course tightened the belt on our expenditures like most other businesses. We didn't need to be buying all of those paper clips anyway. Otherwise, we were told last week that no additional cutbacks should be necessary. We're staying positive!

About the financial health of your partner's company

What you might hear

You might hear these statements, but you certainly shouldn't use them yourself!

Things have been looking pretty grim around here lately.

We've just had a massive downsizing effort that has left everyone here in bl spirits. More bad news expected.

Management has recently announced a massive downsizing programme.

Apparently, a lot of jobs are on the chopping block.

We've noticed a strong falloff in business and we're feeling rather nervous at the moment.

How you might respond

You'll do a better job of relationship building if you view statements like the above as calls for empathy rather than as expressions of negativism. Engage your partner on an emotional level.

That sounds pretty grim. I can imagine.

I know many businesses are going through difficult times right now.

How do you feel about the situation?

About layoffs and salary reductions

What you might hear

My husband/wife just got downsized. We 're worried about how we 'll make ends meet.

My company just announced an across-the-board salary reduction and a forced holiday policy. I can already feel the pinch.

How you might respond

I'm very sorry to hear that.

I'm sure getting through isn't going to be easy.

How are you feeling about it at the moment ?

I hope the recession doesn't last too long and that things will start looking better soon.

About negative events at your company that have been publicly announced

What you might hear

I read about the massive layoffs your company has announced. Will they affect you ?

Things must be looking pretty bad around there at the moment.

I read about your recent management shakeup. How will this impact you/your division/your product line?

How you might respond

At the moment management hasn't an-nounced any details.

Things are indeed a bit up in the air around here at the moment.

Our CEO seems to be really focused on trimming the fat without adversely af-fecting our ability to deliver and serve. We don't know how this will affect our business process yet.

Most people around here understand that changes are necessary and they're looking forward to getting the business re-focused. This should improve our ability to serve our customer base.

Schlagwörter: Telefonieren auf Englisch, Englisch Telefonieren, Englisch Telephoning, Englisch am Telefon, Telefon Englisch, Anruf Englisch, Anrufe Englisch, Anruf Englisch Smalltalk

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